DeLaneau Scarlett

The DeLaneau Scarlett watch combines delicate artistry with the precision of a tourbillon movement.

The design of the dial was inspired by a Turkish painting, resembling the work of Monet and his Dame en blanc au jardin.

The technique used to bring this design to life is a continuation of the brand’s work with pointillisme d’émail (pointillism in enamel), but the bar was raised still higher when DeLaneau’s enamellists suggested combining this impressionist technique with the art of cloisonné. None of the brand’s previous timepieces had ever combined both practices.

DeLaneau Scarlett watch

Such a complex creation required a number of stages to complete – and involved just as many technical challenges. First of all, the character in the painting had to be drawn on the base of the dial before the enameller could begin working on the cloisonné. Then came the delicate task of cutting and applying the silver thread.

Finally, intense research on textures was carried out (including the exact firing temperature) to find the right grading size to render the relief of the flowers. Just like Monet’s painting, the story of the dial is filled with mystery.

A combination of pointillisme d’émail and silver cloisonné techniques, the dial of this creation draws you into the world of impressionism à la Monet, with the flower bed composed of hundreds of grains of the same colour, but all in different sizes.

This outstanding creation is protected by a 42 mm white gold case, set with 35 ruby baguettes and 283 diamonds, 2 cabochons and a ruby-encrusted crown. It is equipped with a tourbillon mechanical movement set with 52 baguette-cut diamonds. Alligator strap with a white gold deploying buckle set with 32 diamonds. This timepiece totals 5.83 ct diamonds and 8.2 ct rubies.