ANDERSEN Genève “Split Second Chronograph World Timer” Pièce Unique

After having manufactured hundreds of high end timepieces with 24 time zones indication on the dial – named World Time watches, ANDERSEN Genève achieves a new milestone in high end watchmaking by creating the first ever World Time Watch with a Split Second Chronograph.

ANDERSEN Genève Split Second Chronograph World Timer Pièce Unique

In 1884 the visionary Sandford Flemming invented the 24 time zones that are used to tell time on earth. In 1930 Mr. Louis Cottier, a watchmaker from Carouge in Geneva, developed a complication for pocket watches to display multiple time zones. This complication was introduced on a wrist watch by Mr. Cottier in the 50’s.

When Mr. Andersen, master watchmaker, was working at the “Atelier des Complications” at Patek Philippe in the 70’s he had the privilege to restore one of the first World Time Watch made by Louis Cottier (for Patek Philippe). He was amazed by the pure style and the easy and readable way to read the time all around the world; moreover all this possible without pushing buttons, or turning crowns. He then studied the works of Louis Cottier with much enthusiasm.

When he started his own workshop, ANDERSEN Genève, in the late 70’s just after the “Quartz crisis”, he had many demands for mechanical watches and personalized items. Collectors from all around the world came to order mechanical watches as unique or personalized timepieces.

Most of them were business men that had to travel and communicate worldwide, also by phone. This is how the first Andersen Genève World Time Watch  was manufactured, the “Communication”. Thanks to in depth study of the “Cottier System” for indicating 24 time zones on a dial, Mr. Andersen created and manufactured his first World Time module of only 0,9mm thickness including the dial.

In 1989-1990 came out the first edition of the “Communication”, followed by the “Communication 24”, a series made of 24 watches with yellow gold waterproof case, automatic movement and a special blue lacquered dial printed with continent in gold. After this success the “Communication 5 Continents” was made in white gold case only and sold to Italian watch collectors.

Since then the time zone indication system has been continuously updated. ANDERSEN Genève was also granted the Guinness Price of the thinnest World Time watch ever manufacture with a module of only 0,6mm thickness, including dial. It was integrated in the second World Time watch, the “Mundus” (limited to 12 pieces in platinum only – a highly collector timepiece.

The history of ANDERSEN Genève and World Time watches continued with:-

– The Christophorus Colombus, limited to 500 pieces celebrating the 500 years of the discovery of America
– The 1884, limited to 120 pieces celebrating the 120 years of the creation of the 24 time zones system
– The Tempus Terrae, limited to 3×25 pieces celebrating the 25 years of World Time watches made by ANDERSEN Genève.

Apart from limited edition series, many “Pièce Unique” World Time Watches have been manufactured with: Alarm Clock and World Time complication, Minute repeater and World Time complication, Perpetual Calendar and World Time complication, Perpetual Calendar and Chronograph and World Time complication, Jumping Hours and World Time complication.

This year, ANDERSEN Genève is presenting the first Split Second Chronograph with World Time complication.

Technical details

Model: ANDERSEN Genève “Split Second Chronograph World Timer” Pièce Unique

High quality Venus 185 Historic Mechanical movement upgraded by Andersen Genève with time zones complication module developed and produced in the atelier
2.5Hz (18’000A/h), 20 jewels, with 40 hours power reserve

White gold with opened case back
Water Resistant: 30m
Diameter: 43.5 mm Height: 15.5 mm Width between lugs: 21 mm
Two sapphire glasses
One crown with pusher and two pushers in white gold

Multi-part, with the first ever created rotating sapphire glass ring displaying 24 hours’ time zones
Center dial with three counters
Hands in blue steel

Hand-stitched alligator leather with 18ct fold-over clasp in white gold


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