Schwarz Etienne La Chaux-De-Fonds Tourbillon Petite Seconde Rétrograde

Swiss watchmaker Schwarz Etienne again showcases its renowned savoir-faire principally through the integration of a brand new feature of its Tourbillon line from the La Chaux-de-Fonds collection – the mighty Tourbillon PSR 122.00 movement, which succeeds the Tourbillon Volant (TSE 121.00), originally presented at Baselworld 2016.

This year’s new launch, the Tourbillon Petite Seconde Rétrograde (TSE PSR 122.00), is true to the proud lineage and values of Schwarz Etienne: notably quality, authenticity and an utmost respect for watchmaking tradition.

The movements developed and produced almost entirely in-house, lift a veil on a work of outstanding precision where aesthetic finesse and technical virtuosity exist in harmony.

The Tourbillon Petite Seconde Rétrograde timepiece offers a complete view of its mechanism while preserving the magic that comes from its beating soul. The mechanism of the retrograde small second display, usually hidden in the movement, reveals itself by literally floating above it.

With both transparency and making a statement in mind, the decentred hours and minutes are also completely liberated, allowing us to fully appreciate the deft finishes of the stone of the dial. This distinguishes itself in two parts. Firstly, what we define as “calm” with the display of hours and minutes; and secondly, what is “animated” through a profound view of the complications.

The display of the off-centered hours and minutes at 04:00 emphasizes the beauty and elegance of the carefully constructed sanded finish, from the “flat” surface of the bridge whose left-hand side houses the SE logo.

The reading of the hours and the small seconds draw our attention to the natural fine stone dial, whose hour points are in SLN. This elegant, emerald green dial is made of Aventurine, a form of quartz, rendering it both brilliant and truly distinctive.

The dial proposed on the second model in rose gold, is made of Specular Hematite, a fine stone, glittering anthracite in colour and effect, and only recently extracted from mines in the Ural Mountains. The “animated” part of the dial brings us directly to the irreversible micro-rotor, decentered at 09h00, which succeeds in bestowing the great complexity of this timepiece of exception and audacity, in a combination of the most ingenious mechanics. Above the micro-rotor one finds the retrograde small second display at 11h00.

Both models of the Tourbillon PSR are available either with a steel case, a decentered hour-minute dial and the small seconds in Aventurine green; or, alternatively, with a case in 5N rose gold, hour minute dial and small seconds in Hematite Specularite in glittering anthracite. The bracelet is formed of a full-skin alligator strap and lined with alligator in complementary colours.

The Tourbillon Petite Seconde Rétrograde from the La Chaux-de-Fonds collection enriches the family of manufactured movements produced by Schwarz Etienne. Aesthetic elegance and technical prowess are qualities which come to the fore. The Tourbillon line of the La Chaux-de-Fonds collection offers calibres produced entirely in an autonomous fashion, made possible thanks to the skill of its twin company and partner, E20 Innovations, specialists in assortment, escapement and the oscillating organ of the watch.

The TSE PSR 122.00 caliber manufactured and entirely conceived by Schwarz Etienne has a clear place, and manifests immediate credibility, in the distinct landscape of Swiss haute horlogerie. This automatic movement, equipped with a micro-rotor fixed by a self-locking key, comprises a tourbillon that turns in an anti-clockwise fashion.

But above all else, this caliber was conceived and ingeniously constructed in a modular and evolutionary way allowing it to be personalized with the technical desires of the master watchmakers of the company, true magicians with expert hands. And here is the result of the work, an innovation which features a fully visible retrograde small second function, one which literally floats on its box – a guaranteed pleasure for all lovers and enthusiasts of haute horlogerie. This simple sight of the incessant ballet of the small seconds is something which renders this feature forever spectacular.

Technical details
Collection: La Chaux-de-Fonds
Model: Tourbillon Petite Seconde Rétrograde

Manufactured automatic tourbillon movement with micro-rotor
Modular and evolutionary construction with common base
Micro rotor fixed by self-blocking key
256 Components, incl. 40 rubies
Assortment created and directed by E2O Innovations
Designed to integrate complications
Autonomy: 72 hours
Frequency: 3Hz (21600 Alt/h)
Off-center hours and minutes indication at 5 o’clock
Small second retrograde at 11 o’clock
Tourbillon at 1 o’clock
Movement diameter: 30.40 mm
Movement thickness: 7.05 mm
Decoration on movement: Sandblasted
Bridges decoration: Hand chamfering

Off-center hours and minutes indication at 5 o’clock, small second retrograde at 11 o’clock, tourbillon at 1 o’clock

Reference WCF22TSE06SS01AA
Case: Stainless steel (Ø 44 mm)
Dial: Anthracite; Time zone and small second retrograde with green Aventurine fine stone
Glass: Sapphire crystal
Hands: Rhodium treatment and superluminova
Strap: Black alligator strap with green alligator lining
Buckle: Folding buckle in stainless steel with Schwarz Etienne logo
Water resistance: 5 atmospheres (50 meters)

Reference WCF22TSE06SS01AA
Case: Rose gold 5N 18ct (Ø 44 mm)
Glass: Sapphire crystal
Water resistance: 5 atmospheres (50 meters)
Dial: Anthracite; Time zone and small second retrograde with Hematite Spécularite fine stone
Hands: Gold with superluminova
Strap: Brown alligator strap with dark grey alligator lining
Buckle: Folding buckle in rose gold 5N 18ct with Schwarz Etienne logo

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