Rebellion Timepieces and Zenvo Automotive Announce Collaboration

Rebellion Timepieces, a Swiss manufacturer of high-precision watches, announces a strategic partnership with Zenvo Automotive at the 87th Geneva International Motor Show 2017.  As part of the partnership, Rebellion Timepieces will develop a new watch model and timing instrumentation for Zenvo Automotive’s supercars. The partnership extends into technical collaboration with Rebellion Racing which will include shared engineering capabilities, data and testing.

Also revealed at the show was a limited edition Predator 2.0 GMT Zenvo timepiece.   This racing-inspired, dual time-zone watch features a dial adorned with a brake and a caliper hour hand.  It serves as the pair’s first act of partnership.

Zenvo Automotive is a Danish manufacturer of high performance supercars and an engineering development company.  Like Rebellion Timepieces, it is driven by a desire to produce highly customizable, limited edition products made with the best automotive technologies, innovation and human attention to detail.

Zenvo Automotive’s Anniversary TS1 supercar, the Predator 2.0 GMT Zenvo watch and a Rebellion Racing show car are on display at the Geneva International Motor Show until 19 March in the Palexpo convention center in Geneva.

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