Graff Princess Butterfly Secret Watch

The Graff Princess Butterfly is a breathtaking showcase of fine craftsmanship – an intricately sculptured butterfly silhouette created after Graff’s master craftsman studied each curve and contour of a butterfly’s unique form.

A true masterpiece combines the beauty of diamonds and gemstones with the very best in technical innovation. Behind the Princess Butterfly’s show-stopping exterior is a jewelled timepiece, made even more precious and complex by an invisible setting – uniting beauty and construction in an achievement reminiscent of the natural butterfly’s wings.

The invisible setting remains one of the most complex techniques in jewellery craftsmanship and is created only by the precise skill and extensive knowledge of Graff’s master craftsmen. Allowing the beauty and complexity of the butterfly form to stand out uninterrupted, the invisible setting allows an unbroken surface of gemstones to float above the structure below.

First invented during the 1930s, the secret to the invisible setting are small grooves cut in the underside of each diamond or gemstone allowing them to slide onto a grid hidden beneath the stones. To achieve a finish of pure colour the chosen stones must be perfectly colour-matched, before being cut to fit tightly against one another as if made exactly for the delicate curvature of the butterfly wings.

Each Princess Butterfly watch case is set in white gold with 66 baguette diamonds. The butterfly wings are available in four different variations; Full diamond, ruby, sapphire and diamonds with sapphire detail.

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