LOCMAN Stealth 300 Metres Carbon Chronograph

Italian watch brand LOCMAN enriches its collection of Super-technical diver’s watches by presenting the new Stealth 300 metres Carbon, a chronograph featuring an all-carbon case and dial.

LOCMAN achieved a world first in 2003 by launching the world’s first watch with a carbon fibre case, accomplishing an authentic revolution: high-tech materials made their grand entrance into the watchmaking world, radically changing its technical and aesthetic characteristics as well as its production techniques.

LOCMAN has consistently pursued this path, steadily investing its resources in research and new technologies. The Scuola Italiana di Orologeria (S.I.O.), the company’s in-house academy, devotes part of its facilities to the study of new materials, yielding significant results.

In 2009, LOCMAN launched the Stealth collection, a line of watches with high technical content inspired by the famous military aircraft that are invisible to radars. The construction dynamics, the materials and the designs used to produce these planes share a number of common denominators with the LOCMAN collection.

In 2014, LOCMAN launched the super-technical professional diver’s watch collection by presenting the Stealth 300 Metres Automatic, powered by a mechanical self-winding movement developed by the S.I.O.

2015 was the year of the Stealth 300 Metres Carbon Automatic with an impressive forged carbon case, carbon fibre dial, titanium case-back and with a mechanical self-winding movement. Now, after the launch of the Stealth 300 Metres chronograph in steel, the Elba-based watch company is rounding off the collection by presenting the Stealth 300 Metres Carbon Chronograph featuring an impressive forged carbon case, carbon fibre dial and titanium case-back.

Stealth 300 Metres, the much appreciated LOCMAN diver’s watch, now reaches the top of the range with an even more high-performing, resistant and extremely light chronograph. The screw-down pushers prevent accidental handling and are fitted with double silicon O-ring seals.

Flaunting a generous 46 mm diameter, the case of the Stealth 300 Metres Carbon Chronograph houses a high-quality Ronda quartz movement equipped with the split-time function serving to measure intermediate times, such as two phenomena that begin at the same time but subsequently involve different time periods.

LOCMAN Stealth 300 Metres Carbon Chronograph

The lightness of carbon also enhances the wearability of this timepiece which, alongside its professional usage, is also perfectly suitable for everyday life. Stealth 300 Metres is not intended exclusively for passionate diving enthusiasts and professionals, but also for a public with a keen eye for styles and trends that recognises the urban beauty of this watch.

The quintessential designs and the material contrasts between the forged carbon of the dial and the carbon fibre dial infuse this watch with a very distinctive appeal. The splendid veined pattern of forged carbon varies in every watch, making each Stealth 300 Metres Carbon Chronograph a truly one-of-a-kind piece.

The sturdy 60-minute unidirectional rotating bezel is made of ABS, an innovative thermoplastic polymer that is also extremely light and yet resistant to shocks, pressure and above all to variations in temperature.

Featuring a knurled pattern that ensures a better grip during dives, the bezel is intended to guarantee the smoothest and most stable possible clicking. The broad dial is designed to ensure optimal readability even in poor visibility conditions thanks to the luminescent treatment applied to the hour-markers as well as the hours and minutes hands.

A magnifying glass is fitted above the date window and the titanium case-back is secured by four screws. The Stealth 300 Metres Carbon Chronograph is teamed with a strap in perforated hypoallergenic silicon or in natural leather.

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