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KERBEDANZ Squama Tourbillon

The ultra-limited edition KERBEDANZ Squama Tourbillon shows how the Neuchâtel-based brand continues to express its passion for creating all black themed horological creations as well as its mastery of the art of skeletonization.

In November 2016, at the Salon des Grandes Complications in Dubai, KERBEDANZ revealed for the first time the results of its adventure into the magical realm of the “dark art,” with an “all black” look shot through with somber flashes and nuances. Now, at Baselworld 2017 the brand is unveiling its latest work of art, the Squama Tourbillon.

The dial backdrop of the Squama has a smooth look much like the skin of a serpent. In religion, mythology and literature, the serpent represents fertility and creative power. As mythical creatures, they sometimes appear part human, part dragon, and they inhabit many fantastical and mystical tales. In ancient Greece, Echidna, half woman, half snake, gave birth to a number of dragons. As for Cecrops, an Athenian hero, he had the head of a man on the body of a serpent. In Toltec and Aztec mythology, the winged and feathered Quetzalcoatl was a key figure. And in medieval Europe, the basilisk, a serpent with a dragon’s body, was supposed to be able to kill just by looking at its victims. Melusina, another creature from European folklore, somewhere between a fish-woman and serpent-woman, had to spend a day per week in the water.

Technical details
Model: Squama Tourbillon Limited Edition

Tourbillon, manually-wound KRB-02 mechanical movement conceived, skeletonized and decorated by KERBEDANZ and Concepto
21,600 beats per hour (3Hz)
72 hours power reserve
341 components
19 jewels
Tourbillon cage made up of 80 parts and weighing 0.42 grams

Hours, minutes, tourbillon

18-karat gold, DLC-treated (diamond-like carbon, 46-millimeter diameter
Designed and manufactured by KERBEDANZ
Sapphire crystal front and back with anti-reflexive treatment
Water-resistant to 5 atmospheres (50 meters, 150 feet)
Crown is in an unusual position, between 1 and 2 o’clock

Massive sculpted gold, hand-guilloché, fish-scale decoration, exclusively conceived, manufactured and applied by KERBEDANZ; indices in rose gold

Alligator mississippiensis leather, double folding clasp in 18-karat, DLC-treated gold, personalized by KERBEDANZ

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