Greubel Forsey Signature 1 Platinum

After presenting red gold and white gold models from the Signature 1 series in last year, Greubel Forsey now offers a new platinum version of the watch with an anthracite black-coloured gold dial.

Long-time team member at Greubel Forsey, Didier Cretin inaugurated the Signature series in 2016, for which one watchmaker, chosen for their talent and original approach to watchmaking, creates their own timepiece within Greubel Forsey’s universe and cosigns it with Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey. This project, which aims to showcase watchmaking skills, is reminiscent of the Naissance d’une Montre project, which archives techniques that are starting to disappear.

Didier Cretin designed a hand-wound watch with three hands, without a tourbillon function, which instead features an exclusively designed Greubel Forsey balance wheel. In this new version in platinum, the off-centred placement of its dial in anthracite black-coloured gold forms a contrasting counterpoint to the mechanical contents.

The dial, minimal and flat, invites the eye to explore the interwoven lines of the watch’s metallic, architectural depths. The hour-ring and minute-circle appear in white. An individual number is engraved by hand on the back of the timepiece. A total of eleven platinum Signature 1 pieces will be produced.

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