Since 1950s, all major watch manufacturers were confronted on a case type for watches that collectors and fans immediately renamed it “flying saucer (circular wing)” or “UFO”. The peculiarity is in the design, perfectly circular, accompanied by the complete absence of the loops. The strap engages below the actual case, so as to give the appearance of a flying saucer that is “backed” above the wrist. This construction ensures a great clean look, with visual attention that is focused on the dial, along with the ability to embellish the same case edges with engravings or precious stones.

Zannetti with DISCOBOLO reinvented the flying saucer, giving it a meaning typically classical and Roman. The incisions on the inner flange, the ones on the back  and even more the dial entirely made by hand in a translucent enamel, make it a very unique piece, the result of the best hand craftsmanship. Simple and sophisticated at the same time, it is a real high applied watchmaking piece, where creativity and craftsmanship contribute to the realization of a unique object of its kind. For the construction of each piece is required the intervention of real masters of art: the engraver, the enameller, the miniaturist, the watchmaker. The result is always unique, where each piece is different from all the others. The production will be “naturally” limited, because it will be hardly able to create more than two watches a month, about twenty per year.

Technical details
– Discobolo Man “Black Enamel”: Steel case, Ø 46 mm, thk 14 mm. Black translucent handmade enamel dial. Automatic Swiss movement. Limited edition. Ref. DS.A1S-SKN.A.A
– Discobolo Lady “Blue Enamel”: Steel case. Blue translucent handmade enamel dial. Automatic Swiss movement. Limited edition. Ref. DS.A3S-SKB.A.A
– Discobolo Man “Bronze Edition”: Bronze case, Ø 46 mm, thk 14 mm. Brown translucent enamel dial. Automatic Swiss movement. Limited edition. Ref. DS.A1S-SKM.A.A

Hours, minutes, seconds

Stainless steel
Watch case finish: shiny and satin finished
Stainless steel back, closed by four screws
Invisible strap holder, located underneath the case middle

Handmade engraved and blue flinqué translucent enamelled dial
Luminescent Super-Luminova alpha hands

Mechanical self-winding movement Swiss Made
The finishing details are remarkably prestigious, featuring bridges embellished by Côtes de Genève decorations, subsequently engraved and personalized

Blue leather or alligator
Steel clasp, Zannetti personalized

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