STOWA 90th Anniversary Special Edition Watches – Flieger Klassik 36 Old Radium and Marine Automatik Blue Limited

Since 1927 STOWA has been continuously producing mechanical watches in the Black Forest, Germany. This year, the brand is celebrating its 90th anniversary and to mark this historical milestone the company will present some special limited edition watches.

STOWA is one of a few watch companies in Germany with a continuously successful history. Founded in 1927 at the time of the Staatlichen Bauhauses STOWA has survived all crises during the last 90 years whether it was the quartz crisis in the early 1970s or the big upheavals of the watch industry in the last two decades.

STOWA Manufactory

But there is still this small team of passionate watchmakers in the Black Forest, who have faced successfully to these challenges of the global market. At the door to the Black Forest, in the small village Engelsbrand, almost 25 employees try not only to design, manufacture and distribute world-famous watches; the chosen sales channel of the direct sale through an online shop and other sales channels are so modern that the big ones in the industry now observe exactly what is going on in the Black Forest.

If you look at the actual DNA of STOWA, you will inevitably stay with the most popular watches of the brand, the so-called Flieger watches (Pilot watches). STOWA has been back on the market since 1997 with this model in numerous sizes and designs, and has thus contributed significantly to its success over the last 20 years.

STOWA Fliegeruhr (Pilot watch) from 1940. 55 mm case. Movement: Unitas 2812.

Based on the STOWA original from the year 1940 these well-readable watches are now indispensable in the wide-ranging market of watch designs. STOWA was the first manufacturer to have completely waived the logo on the dial. An absolute novelty and regularly characterized by advertising specialists as absolutely impossible, until they have then seen the solid evidence of the sales figures: The Flieger without logo is – and that for years – STOWAs best-selling watch.

Flieger Klassik 36 Old Radium
When looking at the DNA of STOWA, you inevitably are caught by the most popular watches of the brand, the Pilot watches. In various sizes and designs, STOWA has been back in the market since 1997 with this watch model and made a significant contribution for the renewed success during the last 20 years.  For the anniversary, STOWA will once again take a small step back in time to the past and launch some special limited Flieger watches in 2017. These timepieces will be produced in only 90 numbered watches of a version.

The main feature of the limited-edition Flieger (Pilot) watches, the luminous numbers, illuminated markers and hands of the models are covered with a vintage lume (based on superluminova), the so called Old Radium. In addition, all anniversary watches are engraved with the original STOWA Flieger watch case engraving. The handmade rotor has an anniversary engraving. The watch will be delivered in the new Black Forest wood-etui.

Technical details
Model: Flieger Klassik 36 Old Radium
Limited to 90 pieces
Stainless steel case 36 mm
Old Radium illuminating color on hands and dial
Both sides sapphire crystal
ETA Automatik (2824-2) or hand-winding (ETA 2804) movement
Starting from Euro 1.120.- 

Marine Automatik Blue Limited
When looking at the DNA of STOWA, one remains beside the well-known Pilot watches also with the very classy models of the brand, the Marine watches. In various sizes and designs, STOWA has been back in the market with this watch since 2002. For the anniversary, STOWA will once again take a small step back in time and launch a special limited Marine watch in 2017.

Marine Automatik Blue Limited

Besides the typical Marine design, the watch will be equipped with a collectable movement DUROWE 7526-4. To be produced in a limited edition of 250 pieces, the Marine Automatik Blue model is also a tribute to the 250th anniversary of Pforzheim’s jewelry- and watch industry which takes place in 2017.

DUROWE stands for Deutsche Uhren-Rohwerke Pforzheim.  Founded in 1933, DUROWE was one of the largest manufacturers of mechanical movements. The brand belongs to STOWA since many years. Jörg Schauer, as the owner, takes care of maintaining the good name and tradition.

STOWA Marine watch from 1942: 55 mm case, Movement Unitas 2812

Technical details
Stainless steel case 40 mm
Galvanic coated blue dial
Both side sapphire crystals
Collectable movement Made in Pforzheim/Germany (DUROWE 7526-4)
Price starting from Euro 1.180.-
Classic leaf hands
The watch will be delivered in the new Black Forest wood-etui
Limited to 250 pieces

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