Oris Opens a New Boutique in Basel, Switzerland

Oris, one of Switzerland’s few remaining independent watch companies, has opened the ‘Maison Oris’ at 22 Barfusserplatz in the Swiss city of Basel. The new boutique will be operated in cooperation with renowned jeweller Seiler, and will offer Oris customers an unrivalled experience of the company and its watches.

The two-storey boutique has been designed as a meeting place for friends of Oris and lovers of watchmaking. Visitors will enjoy an immersive journey into Oris’s history, people and watches, and have the opportunity to pore over the entire Oris collection.

Among the watches available will be Oris Calibres 111 and 112, the first watches in Oris’s pioneering mission to ‘take back watchmaking’. The two watches are the first with industrially produced, Oris-designed movements in almost 40 years.

Basel is a natural choice for an Oris boutique. The company has been based in the Basel region for more than 110 years. The Oris factory in the nearby town of Hölstein began manufacturing ‘the best watch for the best price’ in 1904.

The ‘Maison Oris’ sits in an attractive corner on Barfusserplatz in the heart of the city. Like Oris, the building is steeped in history, rich in character and a symbol of the finest Swiss traditions. It dates back to the year 1299 and was built in the style of 13th century Basel bourgeoisie. It still has beautiful, historical wall and ceiling paintings that Oris has carefully protected.  The ‘Maison Oris’ would not have been possible without the partnership of Alexander Seiler, the established specialist Basel retailer.

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