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Memorigin Grand Series – Tourbillon Watch with Big Date and GMT

Officially launched in August 2016, the Grand Series from Hong Kong tourbillon brand Memorigin boasts a big date window on the dial that also houses a GMT display and tourbillon.

Designer specially made a dial that divide into different layers for the GMT indictor. The GMT indicator has placed at 9 o’clock position which located on the half circle and the watch hand in sun shape with silver color is representing the morning.

Another watch hand in moon shape is representing to the night. While the hand rotates, the hand will pass through the main dial pointing on the 12-hour-scale indexes. By using the colours of the hand presents the day and night of the second time zone. These established another milestone in the road of Memorigin’s research and development to present the GMT indicator in different way.

Not only does the dial have the rich detailed design, but the back of the watch also surprises all the watch collectors. Actually, this watch is with an automatic tourbillon watch.

Although it is an automatic tourbillon watch, Memorigin still reserves the traditional winding method to all – manual winding. Moreover, if you may forget to wind it manually, the watch can still run when you wear it. Total 40 hours will be reserved after full winding.

Technical details
Model: Grand Series
Model No.: AT 1003

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