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KERBEDANZ Black Editions – Sappheiros Tourbillon, Black Edition & 3-Horses Tourbillon, Dark Edition

KERBEDANZ, the Neuchâtel-based independent luxury watch brand is introducing a world premiere, the all-black versions of two timekeepers already considered exclusive.

With its portfolio of unique pieces, ultra-limited series, and customized watchmaking excellence, KERBEDANZ has adopted the mission of “giving sense to beauty.” This company, whose name conjures images of mechanical watchmaking excellence, uses the design and execution of its timepieces to delve into the quintessence of the traditional Swiss watchmaking arts – including mastery of the greatest complications –combined with ultimate know-how inherited from a long family tradition of jewelry. KERBEDANZ uses the most avant-garde coating technologies for its extraordinary watches: an all-black coating, a world premiere that was first offered to buyers in the Middle East.

Amorphous carbon is produced in a vacuum and deposited in thin layers on any surface, be it a tiny part, or the whole middle case. It’s a material that combines the structure of graphite with that of diamond and varying percentages of hydrogen. The result is a deposit of great mechanical hardness and a blackness of varying intensities known as DLC, or diamond-like carbon. In addition to its decorative qualities and the amazing opportunities it creates for aesthetics, DLC has outstanding functional properties that are much appreciated by watchmakers. For example, there is its unparalleled resistance to wear and tear and a very low friction coefficient; in short, all qualities that are required by those who make superlative works of art that need to defy the scouring of time. KERBEDANZ and its team of designers headed by Aram Petrosyan as the CDO (Chief Designer Officer), created all-black versions of their 3-Horses and Sappheiros models.

They now have a look that reflects the contemporary quality this exceptional material gives to the gold middle case and dial, the harmonious contrasts between the infinite nuances of black and the nobility of the watchmaker’s metals, notably gold.

Kerbedanz is the only high-end watch brand that uses the concept of the initiation path as a creative and attractive element. Each work is a distillate of symbols borrowed from past and present civilizations. In terms of inspiration, it is studded with cultural and religious features from specific eras and regions. The brand makes use of known elements as well as ones that will always remain secret. The well-rounded aesthetics appear quite normal at first glance. A closer look reveals a wealth of symbols, allegories and references that are more or less directly related to social or geopolitical contexts that have marked the history of humanity.

Sappheiros Tourbillon, Black Edition
After diamond, the hardest material in nature is the sapphire, whose ancient Greek name was sappheiros. It is like some original drop of water offered for divine favor and immortality, prized by kings and mighty dignitaries from all cultures.

KERBEDANZ makes use of the high-tech properties of this colorless and transparent material to illuminate the micromechanical beauty of its KRB-02 caliber, a manually-wound tourbillon movement designed, manufactured and decorated by the company itself in collaboration with Concepto:19 jewels, 21,600 vibrations per hour, 72 hours power reserve, 168 parts, a tourbillon cage made up of 80 parts and weighing 0.42 grams.

The movement nestles inside a DLC-treated, full gold case, which is water-resistant to 5 atmospheres (50 meters). The sapphire crystal on the front and back has an antireflective coating. At the northeast– i.e., at 1:30 –is the crown, a kind of reference point and a symbol. The bezel preens with 48 diamonds (1.09 ct) divided up into segments by 12 sapphires. Limited edition.

3-Horses Tourbillon, Dark Edition
A supreme and universal symbol, the horse represents the freedom of great natural expanses still untouched by man, and universal elegance par excellence, as well as the most noble of animals domesticated by humans. KERBEDANZ has brilliantly managed the watch’s totem-like elegance, made up of the busts of three thoroughbreds, their mane in the wind, as if they were galloping, tied to the fullgold, DLC-treated bezel.

The rounded shapes that emerge will amaze any sculptor of animals with a feeling for the gracefulness of miniaturized arts. It radiates an air of lightness, poetry transcended by a few supporting lines necessary for the proper chronometric performance of the tourbillon caliber with visible gearwheels that appear to be floating in space.

It is water-resistant to 5 atmospheres (50meters), the crown is in the northeast, at 1:30. The watch runs on the tourbillon caliber, a manually-wound mechanical movement, conceived, manufactured and decorated by KERBEDANZ and Concepto. 19 jewels, 21,600 vibrations per hour, 72 hours power reserve. 168 components (80 for the tourbillon cage, total weight: 0.42 grams). Limited edition.

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