Kees Engelbarts Platinum Tsuba Watch Pièce Unique

This unique-mechanical wristwatch created by Kees Engelbarts takes inspiration from a famous Tsuba art-work by a Japanese artist named Hamano Masanobu. (born 1773)

The dial of Kees Engelbarts’ watch depicts a scene, inspired by a Tsuba with a Hawk and Sparrow, from Hamano Masanobu, circa 1836 (late EDO). A Tsuba is the hand guard mounted on a Japanese sword. These Tsuba eventually became elaborate pieces of art – far beyond their practical use. Kees has used a variety of different materials to make the dial. The hawk is made of red gold, the branch is made of mokume gane of pink gold/shakudo.

The leafs are in green gold and the little sparrow is made of bronze. The smallest details are also in various materials, like the eye of the hawk that is in yellow gold with a silver center. The eye of the sparrow is also in yellow gold. The hawk’s feet are in yellow-gold and the claws made of silver.

The base plate, on which the scene is mounted, is white-gold/silver mokume gane and has been treated with nitric acid. This acid will attack the silver and leave the white-gold unharmed and this accentuates the vertical shape structure and creates a relief.

Made from Platinum, the matte finished watch case boasts a unique shape thanks to a protrusion at 5 o’clock position to accommodate the main-spring barrel of the mechanical movement.  Measuring 49 mm x 16 mm, the watch case is fitted with sapphire crystal glass both sides with double anti-reflection treatment.

Powering this watch is a hand-wound AS 690 movement with bearing 17 jewels. Beating at 18’000 Bp, this Swiss made movement can deliver 8 days power reserve when fully wound. A pusher at 2 o’ clock is used time-setting. The dual layer strap of the watch has black alligator leather exterior and black shark leather interior. The strap come fitted with a solid platinum 950 buckle. Price on request.

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