deLaCour City M Tourbillon

Swiss luxury watch brand deLaCour offers a high end Complication timepiece for Women, the City M Tourbillon, in a limited edition of only 3 watches.

Finely set with diamonds, this deLaCour watch with flying tourbillon offers women the opportunity to enter the world of Haute Complication.

Its flying tourbillon, taken from the Tourbillon Reflect, devoid of upper deck, preserving the mechanical hand-wound movement, is the result of close collaboration between deLaCour and Master Swiss Watchmakers.

The manufacture caliber with contemporary design and unusual cylindrical construction, extremely complex in its implementation, ensures a perfect visual harmony of the timepiece.

Placed in the iconic elliptical case of the brand, this tourbillon movement seems to be floating. The four rigid corundum columns, which make up its structure, release masterfully the interior space of the watch and reveal the gear train in all its purity.

The delicate insertion of these cylinders, fitting perfectly in a perpendicular axis structure, acts as bridges and grant maximum rigidity to the movement. deLaCour has opted for a pure dial, leaving only the two baguette-shaped hands to read the time. No index or number has been added on this gem, allowing it to show its sparkling diamond dressing and the purity of its flying tourbillon.

The hand-wound timepiece has a power reserve of 95 hours, controllable through a discrete indicator positioned at 11 o’clock. A hand-stitched crocodile strap completes the elegant dressing of this timepiece.

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