Ulysse Nardin Announces a 5-Year Warranty on Its All Mechanical Timepieces from January 2017

Continuing to push back the limits in Haute Horlogerie, from January 2017 Ulysse Nardin will offer a 5-year warranty on its mechanical timepieces.

Ulysse Nardin is justifiably proud of its 170-year-history of innovation in the making of precision mechanical timepieces. Continuing this pioneering path in the world of Haute Horlogerie, the Swiss watchmaker is making the incredible move of offering an extended 5-year-warranty on all newly-purchased timepieces.

From the 1stof January, every single one of the Swiss manufacturer’s complex mechanical instruments will carry this Ulysse Nardin guarantee of quality.  An innovator too in the use of Silicium for watch movement parts, Ulysse Nardin is prepared to back these parts’ increased precision and durability with a 10 year warranty. In order to benefit from the 5-year-warranty, the owner registers his or her new Ulysse Nardin timepiece within a year of purchase on the website.

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