Introducing Vortic Watch Company

Based in Fort Collins, Colorado, Vortic Watch Company is a bespoke luxury watch brand that aims to revive rich history of horological manufacturing in the United States by restoring vintage, American-made pocket watch movements and building custom wristwatches by incorporating original American components and modern technology.

Presently, Vortic Watch Company offers three different series of watch collections: American Artisan, Railroad and Journeyman.

Vortic Watch Company

Timepieces by Vortic Watch Company are completely designed and made in United States by partnering with home grown companies and utilising original, American made materials and components sourced from various parts of the country:-

  • Movements & dials: Timepieces from American Artisan Series and Rail road Edition house professionally restored vintage era pocket watch movements and dials originally manufactured by legendary watch companies of United States. Journeyman timepieces will be equipped with a contemporary mechanical watch movement manufactured in USA and grand feu enamel dials, also crafted in United States.
  • Watch case: Vortic Watch Company has chosen 3D printing technology to create the cases. The water-resistant cases are 3d printed from titanium by New Jersey based Imperial Machine and Tool, company specializes in advanced machining practices for the aerospace and military industries. M.A.D. Machining in Loveland, USA carries out the post-processing of the 3D printed watch cases.
  • Crystals: For front and back crystals, Vortic Watch Company uses superior quality, shatter proof and scratch resistant Corning Gorilla Glass Manufactured in California, USA.
  • Straps: The leather straps for the timepieces are hand-crafted from American made materials by Hadley Roma’s Stylecraft division in Florida. Each buckle is hand-forged from pure brass or nickel by Smith Shop in Detroit.
  • Other hard-wares: The crowns, screws, and other internal parts are masterfully prepared by Rick at Swiss-O-Matic in Colorado.

Vortic Watch Company American Artisans Series

The American Artisans Series (now available in Version V.02) is the flagship product from the brand. To create each American Artisans Series timepiece, the brand professionally restores the vintage pocket watch movements, dial and hands from the historical American watch companies like Elgin, Waltham, Illinois, Ball etc and then assembled into a 3D printed case.

Vortic Watch Company American Artisans Series

The Vortic Watch Company has incorporated a watch builder tool on its website so that the customers can create his choice of timepiece online by selecting different type and styles of movement, dial, hands, case finishes, crowns and straps. The brand also offers pre-fabricated watches from the American Artisans Series.

Available in 36mm, 46mm or 50mm size, the 3D printed titanium case features a water resistant design and exhibition caseback.

Vortic Watch Company Railroad Edition

The Railroad Edition wristwatches are powered by restored, lever-set, railroad Grade pocket watch movements that were originally manufactured by one of the various great American watch companies. Due to the large size of railroad grade pocket watch movements, the Railroad Edition is available in a 50mm case size only.

With the Railroad Edition Watch Builder tool, the customer can finalise the movement and other components to draw his own timepiece. The Railroad Edition watch features a removable, cam-lock, stainless steel bezel, a 3D printed titanium body, and a stainless steel exhibition back that work together to create a water resistant design.

Vortic’s 3-piece Railroad Edition case has a very special design. The body and lugs are 3D printed from titanium while the coin-edge bezel and exhibition back are machined from solid, 316L stainless steel. The bezel was created to be removable, by hand, in order to access the lever set action of the movement as well as create a water tight seal when secured to the body of the case. Unlike its pocket watch predecessors, Vortic’s bezel utilizes a proprietary cam-lock system to make setting the time simple and easy.

Vortic Watch Company Journeyman Series

The Journeyman Series by Vortic Watch Company is an entirely new, American Made watch that draws inspiration from the United States’ original great watch manufacturers. The “First Edition” of the Journeyman Series will be a small batch, limited run of 100 pieces.

Timepieces from the Journeyman Series will be powered by Pinion Precision Technology’s new manual winding calibre 1003 manufactured under the leadership of master watchmaker Cameron Weiss.

Vortic Watch Company Journeyman Series

Every component of the movement is made in the United States apart from the jewels and hairspring that are made in Switzerland. Inspired by American RailRoad watches from the early 20th century, these timepieces will have grand feu enamel dials created using traditional techniques.

Measuring 43mm diameter, the 3D printed Titanium case of Journeyman Series wristwatch will have milled stainless steel screws on back and exhibition caseback.

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