TAG Heuer Supports China Aerospace Industry on its 60th Anniversary

In the spirit of celebrating the 60th anniversary of China first started its effort in space exploration, TAG Heuer, the Swiss avant-garde watchmaker, unveiled an unprecedented Mars culture exhibition, “Conquest the Space, Challenge the Unknown”, at the iconic landmark of Tianjin Galaxy Mall.

Experts from China National Space Administration, Mr XU Xingli, consultant from Lunar exploration and aerospace engineering SASTIND Center , Mr YE ,General Manager of TAG Heuer Greater China Mr. Leo Poon, together with the brand ambassador Mr. Li Yifeng, attended the event and reviewed the glorious history of the brand in space exploration and its unbreakable link with China’s Mars Exploration Program. Timepieces, fusing watchmaking traditions and fashionable arts, were displayed together with cutting-edge rover models. Technologies of China’s aerospace industry were exhibited in the meanwhile. Long-standing values of the brand, such as fearlessness, pushing beyond boundaries, striving forward, facing down challenges, have been manifested in the most rounded way through the exhibition.

Mr. Li Yifeng, the brand ambassador, also expressed his interest and passion for the China Mars Exploration Program. To be part of Global Solicitation for Program Name and Logo Design in a more active way, he accepted the challenge from Mr.Jean-Claude Biver, CEO of TAG Heuer and President of LVMH Group Watch Division, to make a proposal of his own before the counting down finishes. Through his own action, Mr. Li Yifeng called for all the guests and fans on site to participate in the process, together with TAG Heuer, showing support to China’s aerospace industry and #Don’tCrackUnderPressure.

Spaceflight has always been a challenging breakthrough for human, running into an unknown world and feeling the leap…The fearlessness and wisdom embedded in this is the expression of strength by the powerful. In only 60 years since China’s aerospace was first established, it has made extraordinary achievements that impressed the whole world. From Mr. QianXuesen, the person who built the foundation for the China space effort, to Mr. Yang Liwei, the courageous and talented of the younger generation, from the “soaring” success of the first China satellite “Dongfanghong”, to the grand launch of the next-generation heavy lift launch system “Long March 5”, every step demonstrated the persistence and intelligence of Chinese in exploring the space.

On April 22, 2016, XuDazhe, head of the China National Space Administration, confirmed that the Mars mission had been officially set up and a probe to Mars will be sent in 2020, a start of the nation’s first exploration on the red planet. This mission is another one of China’s most important space exploration mission since its manned spacecraft, lunar exploration flights. The first Mars exploration mission will consist of entering the Mars orbit, landing on Mars and deploying a Mars rover, which is a mission not accomplished by the United States or Russia’s first attempts. The mission is tough and complicated with great challenges.

On August 23rd, 2016, “Global Solicitation for Program Name and Logo Design” was officially launched. And at the “Conquest the Dream – Space” exhibition, experts from the China National Space Administration shared the current situation and future prospects of China space efforts and explained key technologies and relevant knowledge of mars exploration. A banquet of space knowledge is prepared for all the guests.

The spirit of exploration has always been in TAG Heuer’s blood. It faced down watchmaking challenges one after the other, creating avant-garde watches combining competition spirit and quality functions. Based on its DNA, TAG Heuer bonded its unbreakable link with global space efforts as early as 1962. It was the first Swiss watch that was worn in the space –  the legend 2915A chronograph on the wrist of John Glenn in the Friendship 7 going around the global for 3 times. In May, 2012, TAG Heuer visited the International Space Station with the space exploration company SpaceX, demonstrated the reliability and accuracy of its self-manufactured Calibre 1887 movement under extreme conditions.

The TAG Heuer “Conquest the Dream – Space” culture exhibition features the brand’s technology achievements in its 155 years’ history. Guests will have the opportunity to appreciate many legendary timepieces. From 1/100 second, to /1000 second and then to 5/10000 second, TAG Heuer pushes beyond the limits one after another and made the achievements that impressed the whole world.

The exhibition also presented the avant-garde technologies brought by the brand. As the persistence and courage shown by the China space heroes, ever-increasing avant-garde technologies demonstrated the brand’s spirit of pushing forward and extreme fearlessness in the watchmaking arena.

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