M149 Watch by Filippo Martini

M149 is a modern watch brand established by Filippo Martini, an Italian designer with a passion for horology. M stands for Martini and 149, a sequence of numbers etched into the clock face (quadrant) that creates, according to the watch’s creator and designer, a numerical balance.

Martini has officially unveiled his brand via online and social media advertisements and is ready to unveil his online catalogue/DIY website which will allow customers to design their own watches.

Customers will be able to choose from millions of colours, shades and designs, which, along with the various pieces made of PLA and ABS and developed with 3D technology as well as other durable materials such as bronze and steel, are masterfully assembled by Martini himself at his studio in Prato.

Martini: “The idea came from my own personal desire to have a watch that was different from those currently available on the market. When I first started designing the model I wasn’t sure what material would best suit my design. After some research, I tried to print the model using 3D technology and realized that this could be a very interesting option as it allowed me to create my watch out of various materials and in multiple colours. From here the M149 was born, a watch printed entirely in 3D and 100% customizable.” 

Six basic models are already available on Martini’s website and the M149 Facebook page. A Kickstarter campaign will also launch at the end of October with the aim to raise funds for the project and for the creation of a website which will allow customers to fully customize and view their watch before purchasing it. Those looking to buy the M149 Watch as a Christmas gift will find it available for sale in select stores, a list of which will be provided on the Facebook page.

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