DuBois et fils Presents A Revolutionary Watch Rental Concept

Swiss luxury watch brand DuBois et fils presents the concept “Rent your Luxury Watch” and becomes the first luxury watch brand in the world to enter into the fascinating world of sharing.

DuBois et fils is known for creating highly limited watch collections. The company produces a maximum of 99 pieces per model. Minimum rental period is 1 month; maximum rental period of 12months. Rental charges include the monthly fee plus a one-time processing fee of CHF150 in Switzerland and CHF250 abroad.

DuBois et fils Watch Rental Concept

The monthly fee varies between CHF80 and CHF150 depending on the watch model. When using the specially designed platform the renter is able to secure their rental watch of choice not only playfully but with the attractive benefit of reducing overhead on monthly rental costs.

The sophisticated and user friendly “Rent your Luxury Watch” reservation system is completely online based and an integrated part of the existing DuBois et fils Online Shop.

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