TAG Heuer Pocket Pro Stopwatch Powered with Dartfish Analytical Systems

The Swiss company, Dartfish, is recognised by thousands of organisations and sporting federations as a leader in the field of technology for the creation, analysis and distribution of video content. In the world of professional sport; trainers, athletes, everyone knows Dartfish.

This company, created as a spin-off from the EPFL (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) in 1998, has revolutionised training methods by using video analysis to offer support. Movements, techniques, tactical options… when preparing for a competition, video support offers assistance, analysis and contributes strategic choices.

Today, Dartfish is presenting its partnership with TAG Heuer, pairing its analytical systems with a true watchmaker’s stopwatch, the “Pocket Pro”. Together, the myDartfish Express application and the TAG Heuer Pocket Pro form the smallest, lightest and smartest help package for sports training currently available in the world, developed for trainers from all disciplines working at the highest level.

This innovative and unique partnership brings together history and technology, real time and images for daily training. myDartfish Express – TAG Heuer apps: the two devices communicate via Bluetooth following a simple process:

  • Starting the stopwatch begins the time and video capture simultaneously.
  • The TAG Heuer time is automatically inlaid on the image.
  • Stopping the stopwatch ends the video capture and saves the file.
  • The video is available for in-depth analysis with integrated timestamp.

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