RJ-Romain Jerome – Summer time, Colourful straps for Tetris™-DNA & PAC-MAN™ Level II

This summer, RJ is adding rich coloured straps to its existing iconic Tetris™-DNA and PAC-MAN™ Level II collections. Available in very limited quantities, these new straps are energized with colours.

Recently launched to celebrate the Tetris® game’s anniversary, initially released in June 1984, the Tetris-DNA collection, available in a limited edition of 84 pieces, has a fresh new look. RJ-Romain Jerome is introducing a red rubber strap to bring out the dial which features a random sequence of the game’s signature Tetriminos, the famous geometric shapes composed of four square blocks.

RJ iconic 46 mm Moon Invader case, in black PVD-coated titanium, highlights the Tetriminos that have been gemset by hand in the center of the dial. Focusing on RJ-Romain Jerome’s savvy artisanal know-how, each Tetrimino has been crafted as a combination of four “Clou de Paris” in anodized aluminium a first for RJ-Romain Jerome. This very complex process once again positions RJ as an avant-garde watchmaker, always innovating and creating original decorations for its timepieces.

Playing with the emblems of the 80’s, the PAC MAN Level II collection features three models freshly enhanced with a new yellow strap.

The famous PAC-MAN characters are housed in a Moon Invader 46mm case in black PVD-coated titanium, bringing the game closer to the stars. The dial has been meticulously crafted with three different levels, giving depth to the face of the watch, and stages PAC-MAN, Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde, the four legendary ghosts, in the midst of playing an epic game.

The characters and strawberries adorning the dial stem from meticulous craftsmanship and have been machined piece by piece, applied by hand and gem-set. Each character has been lacquered in its original colours, or with black superluminova “blue emission”, recreating the game sequences. Additionally, the collection features a frozen scene, following RJ’s yellow hero has eaten an “Energizer”, temporarily turning the ghosts blue, and making them vulnerable to his quest. The PAC-MAN Level II collection is limited to 20 pieces per model.

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