Junghans Meister Driver Handaufzug

Drawing its inspiration from the classic cars of the 1930s, the Meister Driver Handaufzug delivers an accomplished expression of their charm and aestheticism.

The strong emotional link between Junghans and the motor car was first established at the end of the 19th century. Arthur Junghans, son of the company founder Erhard Junghans, was an early automobile enthusiast: in 1892 he bought one of the first Daimler test cars, which was driven to him in Schramberg by Wilhelm Maybach in person.

A close friendship existed between the technically-minded Swabians Arthur Junghans, Wilhelm Maybach and Gottlieb Daimler. As a result, Schramberg regularly played host to the technical elite of the era, from Robert Bosch to Ferdinand von Zeppelin. These meetings at the villa of Arthur Junghans served to generate ideas, with these in turn producing numerous significant inventions.

This passion for cars is also shared by Dr. Hans-Jochem Steim and Hannes Steim, owners of the Schramberg based company, whose enthusiasm is manifested in their own collection of vehicles.

The result is an impressive cross-section from 110 years of automobile history, including items closely associated with the history of Junghans, such as car clocks from the Schramberg factory and a “speed measuring device” developed and patented by Dr. Oskar Junghans in 1905. Selected vehicles from this collection served as models for the design of the new Meister Driver Handaufzug.

One design muse for the new model from Junghans is the Maybach DS 8 Zeppelin, built in 1932 – of which just 25 examples exist worldwide, finding favour with more than just car lovers. As with many vehicles from the 1930s, the car stands for highest quality finishing down to the tiniest detail, coupled with pure passion: it was a comfortable expression of exquisite luxury. Selected features of the instruments of these icons served as inspiration for the new Meister Driver Handaufzug.

Both the design and the lacquer of the dial incorporate the aesthetic appearance of the original. For example, the model displays a colour combination based upon the paintwork of the classic car, already highly popular at that time: dark anthracite, cream and light grey.

The dial of the Meister Driver Handaufzug is reminiscent of a dashboard speedometer. As with the car, the harmonious proportions that characterise the appearance of the timepiece include great attention to detail.

A distinctive lacquer scheme underscores the three-dimensional aspect of the domed dial and the nostalgic charm of the timepiece. In darkness in particular the large numerals and bold hands with luminous applique ensure optimal readability. Characteristic of the Junghans Meister range are the bowl-shaped inserts, in this case the small second.

The discreetly-padded leather strap and contrasting stitching also reflect the affinity to the car: not only do they incorporate the interior colours of the classic vehicle, the lining leather also features the typical perforations of classic car seats.

The historic parallels are also evident in the hand-winding movement: the first car clocks were also hand wound, initially with a separate key, later using the bezel, in some models.

The longstanding connection between watch manufacturer Junghans and the motor car is stylishly expressed in the elegant Meister Driver Handaufzug, making it a worthy addition to the Meister collection.

Technical details

Model: Junghans Meister Driver Handaufzug
References: 027/3607.00 & 027/3608.00

J815.1 hand-winding movement with small second at 6 o’clock
Basic calibre ETA 7001 Peseux
Finishing: Rhodium plating, blued screws, engraved Junghans logo on the wheel train bridge, bridges with stripe finishing

Stainless steel Ø 37.7 mm, height 7.3 mm, domed hard plexiglass with SICRALAN coating, 5-times screwed back with mineral crystal
Water resistance: Up to 3 bar

Polished lacquer dial with “sunburst” effect finish, dial markings and hands with environmentally-friendly Super Luminova luminous substance

Calfskin strap with stainless steel buckle

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