RESSENCE represents a new way of thinking about fine mechanical watches – no less expertly hand-crafted, but with an industrial design philosophy that seeks to be progressive and a clear, graphic aesthetic that is decidedly 21st century. What really lights up the TYPE 1 is the original thinking behind it. Or rather, the re-thinking that comes with a different perspective.

The watch has no crown, for example, the winding/setting mechanism being the case-back itself, for better ergonomics and allowing a left-right fit. It is all tactile curves, the domed sapphire glass extending to the very edge of the case – making the watch more sapphire than metal, in fact – the lugs seemingly part of the case too, an organic whole. And that’s no illusion – lugs and case are milled in one action from the same grade 5 titanium block.

But, most strikingly, and characteristic of RESSENCE, is the lack of conventional hands. Here the time is displayed via its patented, 107-part Ressence Orbital Convex System (ROCS1) – a complex mechanism driving convex sub-discs that continually revolve, as does the main disc into which they are set, like moons in orbit around a planet.

This allows the curved dial to be set closer to the sapphire glass, which gives a sense of immediacy to the look and aids legibility. It also means that the watch’s uncluttered face is ever-changing – as everything is in time.

For all its seeming simplicity, it can transfix. It’s all about the experience – not an obsession with little cogs and wheels. Indeed, rather than being proudly displayed, the sophisticated mechanics of the operation are hidden away beneath a smooth surface.

Technical details
Week Days

Patented ROCS 1 – Ressence Orbital Convex System – driven by the minute axle of a specially customised 2824/2 calibre
Caseback winding and time setting
36 hours power reserve
28,800 vibrations per hour
40 jewels
27 gears

Convex German silver dial (125mm radius) with 3 eccentric biaxial satellites inclined at 3° (hours) and 4.75° (seconds and week days)
Engraved indications filled with Superluminova

Grade 5 titanium
Domed sapphire crystals top and bottom with both sides anti-reflective coating
42mm (diameter) x 13 mm (thickness)
1 ATM water-resistance

Strap (20/29mm)
Ardillon Buckle in grade 5 titanium

Total Components

TYPE 1B, CH, N, R, S, W : 17.500 EUR (20% VAT included)
TYPE 1G: 22.500 EUR (20% VAT included)
TYPE 1RG: 29.500 EUR (20% VAT included)

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