Antoine Preziuso Chronometer Tourbillon of Tourbillons

Independent Swiss luxury watch atelier ANTOINE PREZIUSO GENÈVE unveils its new masterpiece horology creation, the Chronometer Tourbillon of Tourbillons. This highly complicated wristwatch features three tourbillons on a revolving plate that resonate like three hearts beating in unison. Producing this ‘mechanical ballet’ involved challenges of incredible complexity, notably the creation of a central planetary triple-differential.

The Chronometer Tourbillon of Tourbillons sees ANTOINE PREZIUSO GENÈVE write a new chapter in the long history of that most emblematic of watchmaking complications: the Tourbillon. The tourbillon already defied the laws of gravity – now it plays with the laws of resonance.  This technical tour de force is protected by three international patents and is made possible by a differential installed in the centre of movement.

The central planetary triple-differential is blend of physical laws and mathematical formulae: the watch’s veritable ‘brain.’ It required years of effort, calculations and imagination, and is of such complexity that no computer programme has succeeded in accurately simulating its method of functioning. It even required the creation of the smallest ball-bearing in the world: scarcely 1.6mm in diameter.

The Chronometer Tourbillon of Tourbillons is a dream Antoine Preziuso has nurtured since 2004. With the help of his son Florian, that dream has become reality – overcoming all the technical obstacles one by one. It involves total respect for the codes of Haute Horlogerie, and all the components of the Antoine Preziuso AFP-TTR-3X are finished and assembled by hand. The bridges are decorated with the Côtes de Genève motif, the plate and tourbillon bridges are in titanium, and the case’s support columns, horns and crown are made from 18-carat solid gold.

The Chronometer Tourbillon of Tourbillons is imbued with the symbolism of the figure 3. It is powered by three tourbillons at a frequency of 3Hz, linked by a triple-differential and separated by three “masselottes” in finely engraved gold. The three tourbillons revolve on their axis every 60 seconds, while the plate completes six revolutions per hour. The sapphire glass on the back of the watch, with its Côtes de Genève patterning, shows three jewels at six o’clock, echoed by three smaller jewels at 12. The timepiece also evokes Past, Present and Future, while the complex architecture of its three-metal case exploits the three dimensions to the full. The Tourbillon of Tourbillons is full of explicit or hidden references to the figure 3 and its multiples.

Three international patents protect the Chronometer Tourbillon of Tourbillons, reflecting the creativity and capacity for innovation of ANTOINE PREZIUSO GENÈVE, where the project was brought to fruition after a decade of research.

1. Multiple Tourbillons on a Revolving Plate
Associating three tourbillons on a revolving plate gives the timepiece unmatched regularity. Each tourbillon completes one rotation per minute, at a faster rhythm than the plate, which completes six rotations per hour (one rotation every ten minutes). The speed at which the tourbillons rotate is accelerated by this double revolution. They are placed equidistant from the centre of the plate, with their respective axes forming an equilateral triangle. Isochronism is enhanced by the fact that the three cages rotate on different axes and at variable speeds.

2. Resonance
The closeness of the three independent regulating tourbillons – and their positions on the plate – enable them to resonate, and naturally adopt an identical frequency through a phenomenon known as “synchronism”. When the tourbillons start to resonate, their amplitude increases significantly – in a manner perceptible to the naked eye. The system as a whole thus forms a single revolutionary regulator, vibrating at a perfectly stable frequency of 3 Hz.

3. Triple-Differential or Synchronizer
This differential is unique both in its conception and the variety of tasks it performs. It must distribute constant energy from the double-barrel to the three tourbillons through the centre of the watch, without affecting the axis of the hands; react if one the tourbillon stops working; and correct any variations in frequency. It contains the tiniest ball-bearing in the world, barely 1.6mm in diameter.

Technical details
AFP-TTR-3X – “The Power of Three”
Unique Piece

Antoine Preziuso AFP-TTR-3X
Winding: Manual
Power Reserve: 48 hours
Dimension: 39,8 mm
Total height: 10,8 mm
Transmission: Planetary triple-differential gear
Regulator organs: 3 tourbillons « planetary satellite »
Frequency: 3 x 21’600Ah (3Hz)
Rotating speed: 1 t/minute (tourbillons) ; 6 t/h (plate)
Components: 570
Rubies: 65
Ball bearing: 6
Barrels: Double serial barrels
Decoration: Chamfered bridges with Côtes de Genève
Patent : 3 international patents

Hours, minutes

Shape: Round
Dimensions: Ø 48 mm
Thickness: 12mm to 15mm
Material: Steel
Bezel: Screwed on to the middle of the watch.
Glass: Sapphire crystal with anti-reflection treatment.
Crown: Steel with logo AFP – Antoine, Florian Preziuso
Back: Sapphire crystal

Crocodile leather front and back.
Folding buckle

Retail Price
CHF 420’000.-


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