Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier Expands Its Basic Movement Range with New Large Date Variants

Exhibiting at the EPHJ from 14 to 17 June, Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier presents three new variants of its basic movement range coupled with a large date. In doing so it accentuates the originality and exclusivity of its products, particularly for the flying tourbillon.

This “Large Date” mechanism uses two display discs. The first shows tens (0-1-2-3) while the second indicates units (from 0 to 9). Daily displacement of the discs is programmed mechanically to ensure that they remain perfectly synchronized at all times. Reading the date is simplicity itself, since the two appropriate numerals appear each day side by side in the extra-large aperture on the dial.

Three of the manufacture’s flagship calibres are available in this “Large Date” variant:

  • The Seed VMF 5401micro-rotor extra-thin movement,
  • The Seed VMF 3022 movement and
  • The Seed VMF 3024 Flying Tourbillon
Seed VMF 3022 movement with large date

The technical sophistication of this “Large Date”at 12 o’clock makes it very easy to read on the dial. It creates a stylish balance with the display of the small-seconds at 6 o’clock. On the Seed VMF 3024 movement, this layout is showcased to even greater effect thanks to the majestic flying tourbillon.

Seed VMF 3024 Flying Tourbillon with large date

Each of these movements incorporates a 2-position crown (position one for manual winding and position two for time-setting). Each one also has a corrector push-piece allowing rapid adjustment of the “Large Date”.

Seed VMF 5401micro-rotor extra-thin movement with large date

A manufacture devoted to high-end mechanical watch movements, VMF is a motorist par excellence. It manufactures the heart of the watch, a component which itself is comprised of several hundred parts. Vertically integrated in the watchmaking division of Parmigiani Fleurier, it controls and assures complete fabrication of the movement thanks to production tools combining innovation and tradition. VMF is majority owned by the Sandoz Family Foundation and Hermès International. A Parmigiani Fleurier manufacture, partner of Hermès and supplier of movements for prestigious watch brands, it employs 140 staff and trains 12 apprentices. Through its Vaucher Private Label entity, with its sister companies Les Artisans Boîtiers and Quadrance&Habillage, it is a strategic tool for brands wishing to gain a foothold in high-end watchmaking.

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