Preciflex SA

Preciflex SA is a B2B company which develops, industrializes and manufactures micro devices using fluids for indication, diffusion, injection and to generate or manage power. Its innovative patented and patent-pending technologies can be worn (watches and medical devices such as micro-injectors) or integrated into other systems such as cars, furniture or decorative design objects. Gregory Dourde is the CEO of Preciflex.

Working with microliters of liquids, Preciflex entered the relatively untapped market of “meso-fluidics”. This allowed it to clearly delimit its field of operation with 30 pending patents (across various fields) families.

Preciflex’s first commercial success story, in partnership with HYT was to incorporate one of its core technologies into high-end watches indicating the time using two immiscible liquids. HYT was launched in December 2012 in several international markets. The demand for this luxury high-end watch proved to be very strong.

Thanks to the attractiveness of the fluidic technology and the visibility of its first customer, HYT, the company has been able to attract talented employees, senior advisors and suppliers in fields of physics, microfluidics, micro-mechanics, chemistry, manufacturing and process engineering.

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