SARCAR Goldfish

Goldfish is a domesticated freshwater creature well-loved for its colours and beauty appeal. It is the result of genetic mutations of the carp.

Raised as highly prized rare pets by the rich and the noble, it was introduced by the Chinese to Japan then to Portugal and from there to other parts of Europe.Treasured by the Asians and highly regarded in the Southern Europe as a symbol of luck and fortune, it was later introduced to North America and then to the United States.

Known to have an average life span of about 10 years but with many having known to live over 25 years, this rare pet for centuries, had been embedded in the Chinese culture as a symbol of abundance of gold and harmony. Depicted in motifs in arts and crafts is the Japanese Kingyo culture, it subsequently found its way to aquariums of the noble families in France and are featured in the ponds of the famous Gardens of Versailles.

Greatly inspired by this beautiful creature, the craftsmen of Genève watch maker, SARCAR, has created a Haute Joaillerie masterpiece … “The Goldfish”.

Combining precious gems and ancient crafts by infusing age-old culture with traditional swiss watch making techniques, SARCAR is set to surprise the whole watch industry with this most exclusive luxuriant timepiece. Apart from the designing of this exclusive luxury, it takes many hours of craftsmanship, utilising more than a thousand seven hundred precious gem-stones to bring it to reality and perfection.

The Baguette Blue Sapphires and the Emeralds as well as the Diamonds are painstakingly selected for its colour, colour consistency, purity and cutting by master jewellers, a very costly process. The Blue Gold dial is the latest innovation involving a special technique by the most skilled jewellers, blending gold with a special material to deliver the highly expected ‘pond-like’ illusion. A hand-crafted rose and yellow gold twelve-leaf at the centre, each leaf denoting an hour of the 12-hour cycle brings the illusionary ‘pond-like’ beauty into a complete perfection.

The most out-standing feature is, of course the crafted diamond-set goldfish with its roving eye-balls that delivers a ‘blinking’ illusion. Swimming and hiding under the Emerald-set leaves and again out of the leaves involves a very unique mechanism that is created specifically by SARCAR’s craftsman, a technique that is yet unsurpassed.

Powered by an ultra-slim self-winding mechanism and with a most perfect matching gem-set bracelet, this luxury watch is completely hand crafted in gold, including the extraordinary screw-designed diamonds.

Technical details

Reference: A13008.Z01G

Vaucher Automatic (self-winding)

White Gold 18K
18K White Gold bezel set with invisible-set Baguette Blue Sapphires, 18K Sculptured Yellow Gold leaves with Emeralds and a central 0.70ct Cabochon Emerald
Diamond-set side case and lugs
Case diameter: Round 42mm
Glass: Sapphire Crystal
Back case:See thru Sapphire crystal

A handcrafted rose and yellow gold 12 leaf hour-marker on a Blue Gold ‘pond dial’ with a hand engraved yellow gold diamond-set Goldfish with roving diamond eyes.

Invisible-set Baguette Blue Sapphires with a diamond Solitaire

Diamond, Sapphire, Emerald

Bracelet / Strap
18K White Gold set with Baguette Blue Sapphires and diamonds with four specially-designed diamond screws. Replaceable by a dual-sided alligator strap.

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