Fabergé Dalliance Collection: Fabergé Lady LIBERTINE I & II

Fabergé unveils two extraordinary, unique creations, as part of the Fabergé Dalliance collection. The genesis for this pair of high jewellery timepieces was the very landscape responsible for forming the precious gemstones that adorn them.

Fabergé Lady LIBERTINE I watch
Fabergé Lady LIBERTINE I watch

Following the successful debut of Fabergé and Agenhor’s watchmaking collaboration at Baselworld last year, a team from Agenhor were invited to visit the Kagem emerald mine in Zambia by Fabergé’s parent company, Gemfields.

Gemfields, the world’s leading supplier of responsibly sourced coloured gemstones, owns and operates Kagem, which in turn is the world’s single largest producer of emeralds, accounting for 20 percent of global supply.

During this visit the natural beauty of emeralds, even in their rough state, quickly became a source of inspiration and led to the idea of using emeralds in a different way to the traditional cut and highly polished form we are more accustomed to seeing.

With Agenhor’s development of the Fabergé Lady Levity‘s AGH 6911 movement already under way, Fabergé decided to use the unique possibilities of this new watch’s architecture as a showcase for the raw, verdant power of emeralds.

Both Fabergé Lady Libertine timepieces perfectly illustrate the adaptable nature of the Fabergé Dalliance collection and the serve to fire the imagination of Fabergé clients seeking unique examples of these high jewellery watches.

Fabergé Lady LIBERTINE I

The first piece, a 36mm 18 karat rose gold case with 1.84carats of brilliant-cut diamonds adorning its bezel. The gem-setting on its dial and central dome represents the Zambian terrain that is home to Gemfields’ Kagem emerald mine, the source of the emeralds used to decorate these high jewellery timepieces.

Fabergé lady LIBERTINE I watch

The stylised geographic relief is achieved using a mixture of snow-set polished and, unusually, rough, hand-carved emeralds with fine gold filigree outlining the banks of the region’s rivers. Hours and minutes are indicated by leaf-shaped hands.


The second piece in this gem-set pair is housed in a 36mm 18 karat white gold watch, sees the dial’s central dome adorned with 2.22carats of hand-shaped strands of satin-finished emerald as a base, upon which a radiating 18karat white gold and diamond motif with a cabochon emerald is set.

Fabergé Lady LIBERTINE II watch

Beneath the emerald decoration, the dial is snow-set with 1.97carats of brilliant-cut diamonds, while the timepiece’s bezel is set with a further 1.84carats. Hours and minutes are displayed by means of two blued German silver arrows which track around the central dome.

The AGH 6911 calibre at the heart of the Fabergé Dalliance Collection is refined using perlage decoration on the mainplate and Cotes de Genève stripes on its hand-chamfered bridges. The movement also boasts a 50-hour power reserve from a single barrel and Agenhor’s unique AgenPIT regulation system, which offers a simplified approach to adjust the balance wheel.

Fabergé Lady LIBERTINE I watch movement

The central principle of AgenPIT sees the hairspring clamped in place by a moveable jaw. The jaw is opened by means of a single screw while the hairspring is then retracted or extended by means of a second, rubberised screw. Once the hairspring has been regulated the jaw can be clamped shut once again.