Swiss luxury watch brand VICENTERRA is introducing its GMT-1model, the T1 5555. The GMT-1 was in fact the first model in the series intended for launch in the early days of VICENTERRA’s journey. It is now finally making its appearance just in time to celebrate the brand’s 5th anniversary. This spring, VICENTERRA presents its first edition of the GMT-1 series, the T1 5555.

From a design perspective, the GMT-1 maintains the spirit of the previously released GMT-3 while offering customers an alternative to the retrograde display. The GMT-1 carries a spherical date aperture at 3 o’clock, a metaphorical representation of the moon, positioned between the earth and the sun.

The latter are mounted on the arched bridge positioned between 12 and 5 o’clock. The GMT indicator can be found on the remaining bridge positioned between 12 and 7 o’clock. As always, special care is given to each component of VICENTERRA timepieces. The open dial allows maximum visibility of the model’s intricate details and elaborate finishes.

The different elements making up the GMT-1 are housed and protected in a steel case, maintaining VICENTERRA’s unique silhouette. Brushed and polished exterior surfaces are beautifully balanced with this model’s sheen and shot-peened interior surfaces.

To mark its 5th anniversary, VICENTERRA is launching this limited edition model by offering the direct sale of 55 GMT-1 timepieces. With price optimization a priority, this model is available for pre-order through May 2016 for only CHF 5’555.55 HT.

Technical details
Model: VICENTERRA GMT-1 T1 5555

Face of tri-dimensional earth lit by median sun of the earth globe, globe Ø7.50mm (1 turn in 24 hours)
Day/Night at 12H
Disk GMT at 7H, diameter 17.30mm
Date window at 3h
Hours, Minutes, Seconds

Setting components
Crown at 3h, setting H-M-S and date   (day/night disc synchronised with hands setting)
Push at 4h for setting earth globe   24 independent positions GMT (to be done at 12h)
Push at 8h for setting GMT
Automatic rewinding or manual   (using crown at 3h)

Exclusive Extra module developed by VICENTERRA, 14 jewels, module plateof copper nickel zinc alloy, satin 6-12, rhodied
Bridges, diamond angles to the machine, blasted and rhodied
Basic movement ETA 2892, automatic   28’000 vibrations per hour, 4Hz. 21 jewels
Complete movement, 42 jewels
Power reserve 42h

Mass engineered, material: steel 316L
Dimensions: 43.50(width) x 53.00 (length) x 13.65mm (thickness)
Outside finishing, brushed, polished. Back, satined convex shapes 3h & 9h polished, polished bevels above
Inside and arches sanded finish, arches titanium
Bottom and inside visible parts, satin finished 6-12h
6h zone, spread with 5 stars engraved/milled
Crystals in sapphire with anti-reflective coating
Water resistance 5 ATM

Dial / Hands
Base brass dial, circular satin dial and rhodium hour-markers, anthracite transferred Roman numerals
Disk GMT, circular satin silver, with black transferred Arabic numerals – Hands H & M, polished and rhodium blocked with white SLN

Black, calf leather
Pin buckle

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