CATOREX « 1858 » « C’Pure»

The « C’Pure» line models are intended for a feminine clientele, in search of exclusivity, especially in the choice of materials, since these watches draw upon ceramics for the manufacture of the case and the wristlet.

Firstly, the « C’Pure» is available with a quartz movement (model 4994) and claims to be firmly in the ‘fashion’ segment. The fixed bezel made of resin is decorated with flower petals, brightened with jewels on the flange.

As for the numerals, which are fine and light, they seem to be carried away by the movement of the flowers on the bezel. The cases are available in white, black or pink. In this last version, the dial is a slightly darker colour to distinguish its depth.

The automatic version the « C’Pure» line comprises four models (4995) and is integrated in the CATOREX « 1858 » collection with greater sobriety. This version, with automatic movement, is available in black or white, either with a simple and sporty finish or with a decorative embellishment of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS on the bezel and the dial.

A sapphire crystal completes the « C’Pure», which also includes the CATOREX logo in the “C” form, to embellish the crown.

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