MeisterSinger Salthora Meta Transparent

German watch brand MeisterSinger welcomes a new, transparent version to its popular Salthora line of watches.

With a single hour hand, MeisterSinger watches show the time to the nearest five minutes at a glance. The Salthora Meta is also fitted with just one single hand. But instead of an hour hand, this model features a minute hand. The hour is displayed in digits – in a circular window in place of the usual “12 o’clock.” The new transparent version of the successful Salthora Meta model transforms its precise jumping hour into a visual delight.

“Digital” displays are nothing new in the world of watchmaking. Usually, a disk slowly rotates behind the aperture in the dial; the hour digits gradually rotate into the window and back out again, but the Salthora models have a great deal more mechanical sophistication to offer.

MeisterSinger Salthora Meta Transparent

Every 60 minutes, the next hour digit jumps into the window – punctually, at lightning speed and with great accuracy – and remains clearly visible there until the next hour change. Perfectly implementing the principle of the “jumping hour” requires a great deal of technical complexity. That’s why MeisterSinger has had a module designed, in which meticulously balanced mechanics ensure a precise jump.

The tension required for the actuating lever of the hour disk is built up by a screw attached to the minute wheel in the course of 60 minutes. Hence, power is not withdrawn suddenly from the mainspring barrel, but continually, which only influences the workings to a minimal degree.

The result is convincing – and the Salthora and the Salthora Meta, which emphasize the powerful character of this watch concept with their distinctive case and functional typography, are among the most successful models of the company.

The new Salthora Meta Transparent model provides a clear view into the module and the mechanical secret of the punctual, accurate jumping hour. To this end, the watch dispenses with the dial; a transparent hour ring rotates within the deep blue minute scale. Its imprinted, prominent hour digits and the meticulously polished plate in the background add to the technical character of this model.

Equipped with a Swiss automatic movement, the Salthora Meta transparent comes in a stainless steel case with a diameter of 43 mm. The watch has a cognac-colored calfskin watchstrap with crocodile embossing.

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