MeisterSinger Circularis Manual Second-Generation

In expanding the Circularis premium line, MeisterSinger has also reworked the mechanical hand-winding model that created such an impression at Baselworld two years ago by uniting the watchmaker’s high technical standards and design ideals.

The Circularis is powered by the MSH01, the first movement developed for MeisterSinger by Swiss specialists. Because a single, long hour hand must be especially precise, it requires a design with a dual minute wheel that minimizes the play of the hand. The robust caliber collects energy for 120 hours of power reserve in two barrels for this purpose.

MeisterSinger Circularis Manual Second-Generation

The MSH01 became the first watch movement to win the Red Dot Design Award, in good  part  because  of  the  uniquely  shaped  gear  bridge  that  MeisterSinger  founder and designer Manfred Brassler added to this technical masterpiece as the crowning aesthetic touch.

The second generation of the Circularis Manual has a more streamlined typography than  the  first  models,  with  galvanized  hour  digits  and  sophisticated  index  markers that give it a higher quality appearance as well. Like the single hour hand, they are coated in superluminova, making it possible to read the time even at night.

For daytime effect, MeisterSinger is adding two additional, striking dial colors.  The ivory and deep sapphire blue dials are now being joined by variants in anthracite and a deep “Rensing green,” each with a refined sunburst finish.

It takes some time until the two large barrels of the MSH01 have collected enough energy and the balance wheel begins to oscillate. This is precisely what makes the hand-wind a micromechanical event and a small, beautiful ritual.