ArtyA Son of Sound Guitar “God Save ArtyA”

No Future: This famous punk saying of the seventies was the motto of the Sex Pistols musical group who gave an outstanding single to her majesty Queen Elisabeth II on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of her ascension to the Throne.

It is in this context that ArtyA pays tribute to the Queen, presenting a unique masterpiece of the Son of Sound 1/1 — a genuine bridge between the « NO FUTURE » punk attitude and the « STILL A FUTURE » represented by the amazing 90 year old Queen Elisabeth II and the exciting future of the ArtyA collections.

Prevailing watchmaking standards are perhaps not the best way to measure the new Son of Sound Guitar Collection. By nature, these watches bear no resemblance whatsoever to existing timepieces. The Son of Sound ‘Guitar Collection’ really has rewritten the score.

The ‘buttons’ are made to resemble the machine heads used to tune guitars and bass guitars – or, in this case, to fine-tune the date and time and ‘play’ the chronograph. The display draws unashamedly from the repertoire of the very best inventions in watchmaking. The minutes are shown by a central sword-shaped hand, while the sweeping hour hand is displayed in a central window, on top of a date instant-jump window.

A second central hand marks the chronometer time. And conducting this ensemble is a Concepto caliber especially tailored for the Son of Sound ‘Guitar Collection’, which goes by the name of Woodstock.

Technical details
Case: High grade steel 316 IL
Revolutionary iconic patented shape featured in museum as an emblematic timeless design
ArtyA Woodstock Swiss High end automatic movement in house modified
Sliding hour, minutes, seconds, date, chronograph
Power reserve: 48h
Size: 37x49mm Height 15mm
Engraved and screwed back case
Double anti-reflection sapphire crystal
High quality leather strap, (crocodile straps available)
Edition: Unique Piece 1/1

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