LEPSI Presents Demagnetiser & Mobile App

LEPSI Demagnetiser is an innovative solution to de-magnetise the mechanical watches in order to ensure the precise time keeping.

A mechanical wrist watch houses hundreds of micro components, especially made of steel for example the balance spring. Exposure to magnetic fields induces magnetic properties to these components. It is unavoidable today’s life as even day to day use gadgets like computer, telephone and loud speakers can also induce magnetism. If the balance spring, the beating heart of mechanical watch, has overexposed to magnetic fields, the watch may run fast or slow.

Running fast or slow of a mechanical watch is a sign of magnetism. In order to demagnetise the mechanical watch LEPSI offers a free of cost mobile app to analyse the watch and a demagnetizer to demagnetise the watch.

The LEPSI Watch Mag mobile app can be downloaded to an iOS based phone and the user can run a diagnostic on watch’s magnetism in a few seconds. The app with the help of the magnetic sensor on the iPhone/iPad, displays the magnetic strength of mechanical wrist watch that requires de-magnetisation. After the diagnostics, the user can utilise the LEPSI demagnetiser for de-magnetisation.

Please note that the LEPSI demagnetiser to be used only on mechanical watches not on quartz watches.

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