Lebeau-Courally Le Marquis Haute Joaillerie

Two essentially almost identical crafts lie at the origin of Le Marquis Haute Joaillerie’s creation from Lebeau-Courally. The craftsmanship and techniques necessary to guarantee the effectiveness and brilliance of a timepiece show a close analogy with the exceptional art of jewel-setting.

Le Marquis Haute Joaillerie is encrusted with 1,524 diamonds and 36 pavé-cut stones – together comprising 12 carats – which takes no less than thirty-five days of diamond cutting and two full weeks of jewel-setting to realise.

This exceptional creation issued forth from Lebeau-Courally historic Métiers d’Art of diamond-set luxury gun-smithing. It is the epitome in which the mastery of both jewel-setting and watchmaking are in perfect harmony with each other.

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