CVSTOS SEALINER REGATA Automatic Chronograph

Continuing their incessant quest for performance, in the world of yacht racing, CVSTOS is launching a new challenge with the SEALINER REGATA, expressed by a Chronograph version of their eponymous line, accompanying thus navigators and skippers in their various “Match Racing” challenges.

CVSTOS has developed a Chronograph designed specifically for this sport by providing it with a safety crown screwed to the case in the shape of a winch of tension for the sails and push buttons in grade 5 titanium recalling the mooring cleats. The countdown can begin and the chronograph is started. The elapsing time is read on a three dimensional skeleton dial.

At 12 o’clock, superimposing the minutes counter, is the intuitive countdown indicator shaped as sail’s pulleys, in 3 colours, defining a cycle of five minutes per area, preceding the start of the Regatta. At 3 o’clock are placed, in addition to the usual counters, the power reserve indicator and the date window whose disk is finely carved (by laser cutting method).

At 9 o’clock the second hand is placed. At 6 o’clock is an imposing hour counter, the counting of time is achieved through a stylised needle in the shape of a rudder. The second chronograph linear hand at the centre, tinged with red, indicates, in an impressive manner, the last 5 seconds remaining until the “spi” (mainsail) is lowered before the gun fire is starting the “MATCH RACING”.

CVSTOS SEALINER REGATA Automatic Chronograph

An aesthetical design inspired directly by nautical codes, showing new unexpected and spectacular possibilities, the transparency of the dial, as well as the open bottom, offer a remarkable visibility on the spectacular mechanism of this movement. On the edges of the case, at 9 o’clock, 2 porthole-shaped openings invite the eye to dive into the heart of this mechanism to discover the beautiful architecture of the suspended movement which seems to levitate in its setting.

This elegance is the result of solutions that meet technologies brought in by the” SEALINER” precursory project. This is how the oscillating movement of the CVSTOS CVS 577 reminds of the form of a racing sailboat rudder, completely redesigned and customised to optimise the winding of the movement, offering incomparable views of the chronograph mechanism, which is enhanced by a titanium rigid bridge, essential to the SEALINER line, a marquetry in teak wood, inspired by the most beautiful boat decks.

This, specific to the brand, architecture is made of 2 elements (segment of mass in tungsten + a mass arm in titanium) that eliminate thus any vibration due to non-distributed masses. This is the reason why this configuration ensures a better acceleration of rotation, and therefore of an optimum rewinding.

High-performer, the exclusive “SEALINER REGATA AUTOMATIC” calibre expresses the spirit of consistency that has governed the Brand since its founding in 2005. Featuring an unparalleled level of technicality, the automatic movement offers a power reserve of 42 hours. The efficient winding is ensured by an oscillating mass composed of 2 technical materials such as titanium grade 5 & THUNGSTEN88®.

Water-resistant to 100 meters, the 5N Gold, steel or PVD Blue treated steel, or even set steel, the tonneau-shaped case is admirably emphasised by the purity of its lines and volumes. This polished architectural work, easily identifiable amidst all, contributes to CVSTOS’ aesthetic distinction in the closed world of luxury watchmaking.

The “SEALINER REGATA AUTOMATIC” is worn with a blue, white or “St. Tropez” red rubber band and locks with a folding clasp with a double-push piece. Other combinations are also available in ALCANTARA ® lined alligator leather in various colours with the same specific aesthetic of this model or, for the purists, the classical configuration remains available.

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