Since 2013, CVSTOS is present on the wrist of Motorcycle GP Champion, Dani Pedrosa, as a “privileged partner”, and in this dynamic the CVSTOS maison, inspired by the lifestyle of the champion, wanted to make a change in the exclusive and coveted “DANI PEDROSA CHALLENGE 26” model.

Today CVSTOS honors the mutual fidelity, in this way, by creating this new model, this new object which is the result of the continuity of wanting to go ever further, in the image of this discipline, of great physical impact and mental. This new automatic chronograph is dedicated to the competitor, for the management of his effort and performance throughout his workouts (squash, swimming, running, cycling).

Thus, naturally, the “DANI PEDROSA CARBON” attaches the same performance technological objectives in this obsessive quest for lightness. This relentless pursuit of pioneering applied-technologies, oriented CVSTOS on the implementation of this new material of which CVSTOS has exclusivity. Today this material is used (the single carbon fiber) in different fields of applications such as the aerospace industry or on the Moto GP competition, in the production of chassis which need to respond to all kinds challenges.

Based on this new concept, the « DANI PEDROSA CARBON », sober and elegant at once, sculpted by the latest technology, generated by different stages of vacuum castings, where the nano fibers are arranged randomly, according to a specific mix, composed of carbon nano-fibers (black) and colored orange REPSOL glass fibers and a binder made of epoxy resins.

The “DANI PEDROSA CARBON” is produced in a limited series of 100 pieces, this edition NANO ORANGE CARBON extremely light is the result of a consistent and fully successful concept.

Other elements of the watch render homage to the exploits of the champion and the captivating world of racing are the crown (Inspired by the wheel) & pushers (evoke the brake and clutch handles).

The NANO ORANGE CARBON case contains a three-dimensional multilayer dial skeleton, which wears: at 9 o’clock, a hand-painted logo identical to that appearing on the helmet of champion, it is equipped with a Samurai his sabre and a pacifier.

Inspired and captivated by the philosophy of the Samurai warrior, Dani Pedrosa has chosen to make it his logo at the age of 13, early in his career. He was the youngest driver in the circuit, and it was then that he decided to add a pacifier to the paraphernalia of his Samurai warrior.

At 12 o’clock, the minute counter and the hour counter at 6 o’clock, shaped brake discs are fitted with a strap with orange colors of the new RC213V REPSOL HONDA; Power reserve can be found at 3 o’clock in the manner of a digital tachometer displaying in red the danger area. At 9o’clock the logo of the little Samurai is hand painted and inlaid on the dial plate.

This automatic chronograph movement is assembled and decorated in the workshops of the manufacture CVSTOS in Geneva, with an oscillating weight, similar to the spoked rim REPSOL HONDA RC213V. This rotor uses the already developed and approved by CVSTOS technology of tungstène88 / Titanium Grade5.


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