Hysek Kalysta

Kalysta is the first collection of precious mechanical watches to be designed and produced by Hysek. It also features a brand-new complication developed by the manufacture –all of which makes Kalysta a major turning-point for the manufacture.

Kalysta is the fruit of a pure aesthetic vision: set jewels. Bearing in mind that women are more sensitive to creative touches than to mechanical sophistication, the manufacture has thought first and foremost in terms of shape, diamonds, brilliance – and emotion.

The resulting collection, Kalysta, embodies this innovative flair: its name means “the fairest”. Beneath its fine apparel, though, Kalysta is powered by an exclusive calibre that redefines refinement and preciousness, without falling prey to stylistic clichés or bland features. The complication designed and produced in-house, does away with traditional hands, offering instead a whole new way of reading the time.

One indication of Hysek’s commitment to Kalysta is Baselworld, where the manufacture has unveiled a bejewelled series of models in rose gold and titanium, all 39mm in diameter; they can be divided into five families.

Kalysta “Exotic Tale”
The first Kalysta model constitutes a family in and of itself – something of a unique specimen. Its white powder-coated dial is protected by a rose gold case, above which a graceful butterfly hovers, delicately spreading its wings over a finely-etched floral motif. Neither engraved nor painted, the butterfly is an appliqué. Hysek opted for this technique as being the only one that really gives the impression of flight.

At 12 o’clock, a delicate window displays the jumping hours. A marquise sapphire travels round the rose gold bezel. Its brilliant red denotes the passing minutes, contrasting nicely with the snow-set bezel, along which it runs – thus providing perfect readability.

The snow setting – Hysek’s main inspiration for the collection –is composed of diamonds of different sizes, resembling stars scattered across the Kalysta’s convex bezel. This apparently random setting is infinitely more complex than regularly-spaced diamonds of equal size, calling for outstanding care when selecting stones – and taking much longer than traditional jewel-setting methods.

The composition is regulated at 3 o’clock by a rose gold crown, specially designed for Kalysta: a gold circle with a diamond moon. A moon-stone cabochon adds the perfect finishing touch to this dreamlike metaphor. The watch comes on a white satin strap.

Kalysta “Heaven’s Tale”
The next two models share a similar mother-of-pearl back; the first is purple, while the second sports blue hues. Both offer one of Kalysta’s major features: a concentric rhodium-plated minute track, highlighting the 1, 5, 7 and 11 hour markers that are the manufacture’s favourite figures. In a subtle juxtaposition of jewels, the minutes are displayed by a diamond on the purple model and by a sapphire on the sky-blue model. They feature the same jumping hour at 12 o’clock, as well as the same snow-set bezel and moon-stone crown, here on a titanium case.

Kalysta “Night’s Tale”
The flight of these four Kalysta Jumping Hours closes with a final butterfly. Draped in black, it features a dial and strap of the same colour, so that the one melds into the other. The highly contrasting appearance of this model releases the diamond butterfly to flyover a dark black satin dial, topped with the same snow-set bezel. To speed the butterfly on its symbolic flight, the epitome of lightness, Hysek has chosen a titanium case – also very light on the wrist.

Kalysta “Twinkling Tale”  
The brilliant snow-set bezel establishes a link with the fourth Kalysta family, in rose gold. Here, the butterfly’s wings are spread, forming two skeletonised Dauphine hands. Set with a variety of diamonds, the minute track highlights Hysek’s four characteristic hour figures. Both white and black versions are available, sporting the same guilloché dial and snow-set bezel.

Kalysta “Sparkling Tale”
The final addition to the Kalysta collection is a series of models featuring a titanium case, boasting dials and straps in black, ivory, blue or purple. Depending on the model, the bezel is set with between one and three rows of diamonds, playing on the rising and falling numbers of stones to create a wave effect.

The dial surface features a motif that is much beloved of Hysek: a fine rosette engraving, enhancing the shine of the diamonds. The straps on all the Kalysta variations are interchangeable.

Technical details
Jumping Hours Movement
Hysek complication HW61
Automatic Mechanical
Jumping Hours
Minutes indicated by a Marquise
61 jewels
Autonomy 39h±3h
Frequency 28’800VpH

Quartz Movement
Hour & minute
5 jewels
Frequency 32’768 VpH


Size: Ø39mm x W11mm
Round shape
18K rose gold or titanium
288 “snow-set” diamonds on the case
Crown set with 2 diamonds and 1 moonstone
Water resistance 30m
Sapphire crystal with anti-reflection
Black metallized sapphire crystal on the back

Interchangeable bracelet in satin or leather
Ardillon buckle

Retail Price
Price under request

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