GRECO Asteroid

Stéphane GRECO, the creative head of GRECO Watches, presents a one-of-a-kind and absolutely unique Asteroid timepiece.

The mechanism of the Asteroid timepiece is fitted intimately into the ferrous heart of a meteorite: A fragment of the Campo del cielo «Field of heaven», a meteorite discovered in Argentina in 1576.

GRECO Asteroid

A veritable alliance between timeless material and advanced technology, this hybrid creation with its roots in outer space may literally be considered celestial, following the Native American oral tradition that iron on Earth has descended from the Heavens.

GRECO Asteroid

The Asteroid timepiece stops time and holds it in a surrealistic dimension, where modern high-precision and antediluvian matter clash in their own big bang, giving on-going birth to an extra-terrestrial jewel of sophistication and wonder.

Technical characteristics
Casing: Meteorite
Movement: ETA 7001, skeleton, hand-engraved fluorescent cogwheels in ruthénié anthracite
Form: Irregular
Crown: White gold 30g
Bracelet: Anthracite buffalo
Clasp: Barbed of Gibeon meteorite

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