Graff Luxury Watches – The Peacock Watch

Steeped in myth and legend, the peacock is a symbol of nobility, immortality and pride. For over 300 years, this exotic and flamboyant creature has been embraced by cultures across all corners of the world. Celebrated for the mesmerising spectrum of colours radiating from its long and dramatic fan of tail feathers, the peacock is a stunning example of one of nature’s miracles.

The iridescent plumage forms a distinctive pattern, widely regarded as layers of eyes, and a symbol of holiness and knowledge.

Graff’s design team has drawn on the natural geometry of the peacock feather and in particular the ‘eyespot’ that features at its centre to create the Peacock watch.

Rather than representing the feather in a naturalistic way, the design represents a contemporary view, with added synthesis as though it is being viewed through a kaleidoscope.

A perfect circle of tapered baguette diamonds with graduating mother of pearl, radiate to form a scintillating dial reminiscent of the ‘eyespot’ within the distinctive pattern.

Framing the ex-centred dial is a burst of alternating brilliant round diamonds with further tapered baguettes, graduating in size to emulate the theatrical vision of a peacock in full display.

The individual rows of baguette diamonds are completed by further bespoke-cut diamonds, each discreetly angled to form a seamless oval silhouette. The ladies time piece is completed by an elegant satin strap and powered by a quartz movement.

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