Graff Luxury Watches – The Graff Snowfall

The Graff Snowfall is a striking ladies diamond jewellery watch inspired by the delicate appearance of snow as it falls from the sky featuring 278 diamonds.

The strong lines and sculptural forms of individual snowfalls are beautifully represented within an intricate lattice design. The development of the Graff Snowfall was the perfect juxtaposition of cutting edge technology with highly-skilled craftsmanship.

To begin the exquisite hand-painted gouache created by Graff’s design team was scanned into a specialised computer programme. It was then analysed and divided up into individual sections and parts to ensure the perfect combination of high precision and extreme fluidity within the watch strap.

A technologically-advanced 3D printer within Graff’s workshop was used to bring the design to life in liquid resin incorporating hundreds of tiny individual resin collets and joints.

These components were then brought together to create an exact resin model of the watch design, which was rigorously evaluated and tested. Once the team were happy with the resin model, each element of the watch was crafted by hand by Master Craftsmen in white gold linking each collet with a highly flexible joint and setting each diamond in place.

The watch also features a minimalist rectangular dial with a case measuring just 6.17mm, which enhances the fluidity of the piece – and a delicate pink, striking black or Tahitian mother of pearl dial – perfectly complementing each beautifully white, shimmering diamond.

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