Graff Luxury Watches – Swan Secret Watch

A bird of extraordinary beauty and presence, with the ability to glide across water and take flight, the Swan is celebrated for symbolising everlasting love. Graff Diamonds has drawn on this grace in the design and creation of the Swan secret watch.

Incorporating 6.22 carats of the finest diamonds, a stunning three-dimensional Swan delicately rests on the wearer’s wrist, with enchanting effect. Graff’s design team used cutting-edge design technology, paying careful consideration to the balance and proportion of the swan silhouette, to transform an artistic drawing into a three dimensional creation.

Once the design was perfected the collaboration with Graff’s Master Craftsmen began, working with the designers to perfect the design and navigate the technical requirements of a secret watch with the skill and mastery of exemplary diamond setting.

The refined swan lowers her regal head serenely, accentuating the pavé diamond detailing along her neck and the movement of the design. Following the diamond detailing, the eye is drawn to distinct rows of alternating diamond cuts, curved and sculpted to create the illusion of a feathered wing.

Nestled among the layers of diamond feathers rests a pear shape diamond which seamlessly slides to reveal a hidden timepiece beneath. A luminescent pear shape mother of pearl dial completes the quartz watch, magnificently contrasting with the scintillating diamonds. Set on a satin strap the clasp of further pavé diamond feathers continue the attention to detail throughout the timepiece.

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