Werenbach 4.5 Megatons

The design of the WERENBACH 4.5 Megatons watch is inspired by the bottom view of a rocket engine; the colour of the small display is influenced by the bright red of the Soyuz engines. The name 4.5 Megatons refers to the propulsive force of a Soyuz rocket.

Werenbach 4.5 Megatons

The watch comes in a 43mm SRE stainless steel case made from the engine of a steam turbine. The WERENBACH 4.5 Megatons houses a Swiss made automatic chronograph movement.

Werenbach 4.5 Megatons

Technical details

Model: Werenbach 4.5 Megatons

Case: SRE stainless steel (Made from the engine of a steam turbine. SRE stands for Soyuz Rocket Engine Decarburised 0.17% carbon, added 2.8% nickel and 2% molybdenum).
Diameter 43 mm
Height: 16 mm
Weight: 129 g
Luminous material: Super Luminova GL white W2
Waterproof: 10 ATM
Units 2015: 7 Pieces
Price: 7500 CHF

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