Maurice Lacroix New Eliros Collection : Eliros 40mm Gent, Eliros 30mm Lady, Eliros 40mm Chrono & Eliros 40mm Moon

The Eliros is a classically designed watch which graces the wrists of stylish wearers, imparting time with precision and reliability.

In 2016, Maurice Lacroix, consistent with its culture of continuous improvement, has revisited its Eliros collection. The latest models incorporate numerous specification improvements, including a higher level of finishing typically only found on more expensive timepieces within the Maurice Lacroix family of models.

The new case design features additional curving edges and a new convex profile to the sapphire crystal. The lugs incorporate new curved, optimally balanced contours, delivering improved ergonomics. Gracing the vertical plane of the crown, the brand’s ‘M’ logo is more defined and sits adjacent a frosted surface, also conferring improved tactility. The caseback of the new Eliros is flatter, proving neater and delivering improved wearer comfort.

Eliros 40mm Gent & Eliros 30mm Lady

New three-dimensional indexes have been introduced to the dial, delivering a sumptuous depth to the face of each model. Dial clarity is improved with the addition of an anti-reflective treatment on the sapphire crystals of all models.

Eliros 40mm Chrono

The new high-grade calf-leather straps, available in a range of exciting shades, prove softer to touch and feature the ‘easy strap exchange’ facility, allowing the wearer to alter the appearance of their watch in seconds.

Eliros 40mm Moon

Some models are also available with a choice of a Milanese bracelet, with its notable flexibility, or an elegant 9-rows metal bracelet. At the heart of each Eliros model is a high quality, Swiss quartz movement, delivering superb precision and requiring little input on the part of the wearer.

The Eliros 40mm Gent
The three hands of the Eliros 40mm Gent communicate the prevailing time with stylish ease. A date display completes the inventory of functions presented. There are no confusing details to distract the wearer; everything is clear and simple to interpret. Now delivered in a new, larger case this watch provides impressive wrist presence, whilst proving slender and comfortable to wear. It is offered in a steel or 4N gold plated case, in a choice of five different dial colours.

A new selection of straps is offered, including interesting calf leather options which acquire an attractive patina over time. The pin buckle gracing the new Eliros 40mm Gent, in common with all new Eliros models, has been upgraded and now features exquisite detailing, seldom seen at this price point.

The Eliros 30mm Lady
Choice is a luxury everyone appreciates and Maurice Lacroix offers many options with the new Eliros30mm Lady. Stainless steel cases are partnered with a choice of white lacquered, black gold or black sun-brushed dial options.

For ladies seeking the ultimate expression of Eliros ownership, a mouth watering chocolate sunray dial with gemset bezel is offered. This timepiece is presented in a 4N gold plated case, paired with Maurice Lacroix’s unique regal strap, evincing a stylish, silk-like appearance.

The Eliros 40mm Chrono
The calm, relaxed temperament of the Eliros collection provides an interesting contrast with the notion of recording elapsed time where speed is critical and fractions of a second matter. However, the Eliros 40mm Chrono simultaneously combines both characteristics in one harmonious composition. This year’s interpretation of the Eliros Chrono features a date aperture at 4:30. It is also presented with a breathtaking selection of dial options.

Further choice is provided with the option of steel or, for the first time, a 4N gold plated case. Once more, in common with other Eliros models, subtle details heighten ownership delight. The mixture of satin brush and polished surfaces exploit ambient light to eye-catching effect.

The Eliros 40mm Moon
Maurice Lacroix has a tradition of offering watches equipped with a moon- phase indication. It was therefore inevitable that the company would ultimately bring this enchanting complication to a new audience by housing it within the accessibly priced Eliros collection.

The Eliros 40mm Moon is equipped with both a moon-phase indication, located below noon, and a date display. The timepiece still retains the clean, simple to interpret expression of time common to all Eliros models, whilst bestowing the romantic allure of a nocturnal sky adorned with the moon and the stars.

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