Maurice Lacroix Aikon Collection

In the 1990s, Maurice Lacroix had an iconic quartz watch, the Calypso that graced the wrists of many style conscious wearers and proved very successful.

In 2016, Maurice Lacroix, has updated this iconic watch, aptly named the AIKON; a timepiece with a new, contemporary design, honed to modern tastes. Each element of the AIKON’s specification exudes luxury with fine quality finishing and a high precision quartz movement. The new AIKON is available in three distinct models, AIKON Ladies 35mm, AIKON Gents 42mm and, the ultimate expression of sportiness, the AIKON Chronograph 44mm.

AIKON Ladies 35mm

The round case of the new AIKON features a prominent bezel, incorporating six ‘arms’ which embrace its form. This aspect of the design confers a unique contrast. On one hand, the arms represent strength and robustness while, conversely, they characterise a caring and loving embrace.

AIKON Ladies 35mm

In watchmaking there is a long tradition of companies offering ‘his’ and ‘hers’ timepieces where couples choose to be reminded of each other by wearing a similar watch. The AIKON upholds this tradition. However, whilst both male and female watches share a strong likeness, there are subtle differences.

AIKON Chronograph 44mm

The case and bracelet of the gents’ AIKON models incorporate assertive, sharp, strong lines, whilst the ladies’ AIKON models feature smoother, gentler, curving details. Clearly, both male and female models share a strong likeness to each other. However, through its design expertise, Maurice Lacroix has refined the small details of the timepieces created for both genders, leading to the AIKON perfectly meeting the needs of stylish wearers, now and in the future.

The AIKON Ladies 35mm
The AIKON Ladies 35mm exudes femininity while offering the convenience of a quartz movement. The beauty of the stainless steel case is heightened with the choice of three dial options, silver, black or mother of pearl.

The mother of pearl is paired with sumptuous diamond-set indexes. Choice is a key aspect of AIKON ownership and prospective wearers can choose from a luxurious 5-rows stainless steel bracelet or high quality, calf-leather strap.

The AIKON Gents 42mm
The AIKON Gents 42mm is a resolutely masculine watch. The angles on the case, bezel and bracelet are assertive and sharply defined. This timepiece has a neat, flat sapphire crystal, allowing it to reside tidily beneath a fashionable shirtcuff. The dial is available in galvanic silver or galvanic black options. The premium quality calf leather straps, offered in various optimally matched colors, proffer warmth.

Alternatively, highly practical metal bracelets are available in either plain stainless steel or steel and2N gold. These bracelets are of high quality construction, incorporating double folding clasps, delivering a comfortable and secure fit. This feature is available on the other models within the AIKON collection.

The AIKON Chronograph 44mm
The AIKON Chronograph 44mm offers superb wrist presence, exhibiting a strong character and confident persona. Similar to other AIKON watches, this timepiece provides excellent legibility and, courtesy of its thoughtful case design, delivers exceptional wearer comfort. This is a watch equipped with a convenient stop- watch complication, proving ideal for measuring elapsed periods of time when vital seconds matter.

Available with a choice of silver, black or cool blue dials, the AIKON Chronograph 44mm harnesses the greatness of an iconic watch from the past whilst delivering a new look for the future.

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