MeisterSinger Phanero

MeisterSinger presents Phanero, the smallest and thinnest wristwatch from the manufacture of single handed watches based in Germany.

Featuring a 35mm diameter case, this new MeisterSinger wristwatch differs from the other models particularly through its edgy, straight forward case.

One can recognize MeisterSinger watches at first glance not only because of their single hour hand and the continuous double-digit hour markers. Because they are all bound to the same aesthetic ideal, they also resemble one another in the carefully selected typography – and many models have cases that are sturdy, yet have a gently rounded silhouette.

MeisterSinger Phanero watch with ivory dial

The Phanero is also a typical MeisterSinger, and yet quite different. It is much smaller and more angular than the brand’s other lines – and particularly expressive in its color intensity. MeisterSinger has gone down new paths, especially in designing the stainless steel case. With a diameter of 35 millimeters and a height of 7.5 millimeters, the Phanero is by far the most slender model offered by the company.

But it doesn’t appear delicate, and certainly not cute – this is ensured by the straight lugs and the edging of the case. This features alternating matt and polished surfaces, accentuating its form from every perspective. The high-quality Swiss hand-wound movement that powers the Phanero can be observed through the bolted exhibition back.

MeisterSinger Phanero with green dial

The name of the watch is derived from an ancient Greek word – “phanerós” means “visible” – referring to the remarkable design of the new model, despite its small size.

The five color variations that the Phanero comes in are particularly expressive. The combination of an ivory-colored dial with a blued hour hand and similarly colored hour applications is a MeisterSinger classic. A striking effect is created by the bright hour hand and corresponding numeral applications on fine sunburst dials in sapphire blue, anthracite and Rensing-Green.

The Phanero makes an even more expressive impression with the colored armbands that have been selected for the new line, allowing for unusual combinations.

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