Casio SHEEN SHB-100

Casio announces the newest addition to its line of SHEEN watches, which are based on the concept of “Elegant, Smart and Shining.”

The SHB-100, a model in the Time Ring Series, is the first women’s watch from Casio that links to a smartphone, focusing on accurate time for women who value their time.

Casio introduced the Global Time Sync concept to drive development of analog watches for today’s global age. Under Global Time Sync, Casio has developed G-SHOCK and OCEANUS watches with GPS Hybrid Wave Ceptor technology that receives both GPS satellite and radio wave time calibration signals, and EDIFICE watches that link with a smartphone. These watches are gaining acclaim as advanced time keeping systems that deliver accurate time anywhere in the world.

The SHB-100 is a solar-powered watch with world time that links to a smartphone—a first for a Casio women’s watch. The watch links to the Casio Watch+ application, which incorporates an original system that connects to Internet time servers around the world to keep accurate time, and features a simple, softly colored interface for women. The system ensures accurate time and removes the complication of setting the world time, making it simple to be on time.

The SHB-100 shows the home time and the world time simultaneously on the inset dial at the 8 o’clock position. The inset dial features a twin ring design that is distinguished by two different colored rings. The twin overlapping rings make for a design motif that is appealing with its elegant flowing lines, while evoking the watch connecting to world time.

The case features a wide face with sparkling, multidimensional index marks for optimum readability. The index marks are formed using microscopic techniques developed by the Yamagata Casio Factory in Japan, which is Casio’s leading production facility. A pair of Swarovski® Crystals adorn the 12 o’clock position, brilliantly complementing the elegant face design.

Casio developed a new Peach Gold ion plating color for the latest SHEEN. This original color has an elegant luster that brings out the color of a woman’s wrist, while projecting a presence all its own. Moveable parts between the watch case and band ensure that the watch forms perfectly to the wrist. Elegantly decorating the wrist, the SHB-100 is the ideal watch for women who value the precious passage of time.

By installing the free CASIO WATCH+ smartphone app, users can enjoy the following Mobile Link functions with the SHB-100:-

  • Easily set the time for some 300 cities in the world from the CASIO WATCH+ app.
  • The watch automatically corrects the home and world time including adjusting for daylight savings, four times per day.
  • One-Touch Time Adjustment enables the user to quickly adjust to the local time with just one press of a button, when traveling abroad.
  • Easily switch between the home time and world time, from the app or watch button.
  • Phone Finder function enables a smartphone alarm to be activated by pressing a watch button.

The CASIO WATCH+ application will be made available for download from the App Store for iPhone or Google play for Android smartphones along with the release of the SHB-100.

Technical details

Model: Casio SHEEN SHB-100

Water Resistance: 5 bar
Size of Case: 40.2×35.0×10.3mm
Total Weight: Approx.85g

Dual Time Home city time swapping

Other Features
Mobile Link Functions (world time: over 300 cities, One-Touch Time Adjustment, auto time adjustment, Phone Finder, etc.); full auto-calendar; low battery alert

Power Source
Tough Solar power system (solar-charging system)
Continuous Operation: About 22 months with the power-saving function ON after full charge

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