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Based in New York, Todd & Marlon is a young watch brand specialised in the production of luxury timepieces with an entrepreneurial spirit.

The Todd & Marlon adventure started in 2015 when two Italian Swiss gentlemen questioned the belief that luxury should be inherited or gained over time. They then decided to develop luxury products for young people. Todd & Marlon leverage old craftsmanship to create modern pieces of art; being Italians they appreciate beauty and have an innate sense of style and their Swiss heritage injects precision and attention to details in all their works. The products they develop are custom made to suit the needs of the people who create their own future – the entrepreneurs.

Todd & Marlon LLC has christened their first collection of luxury timepieces as #YOURTIME. The collection will be made available on Todd & Marlon e-commerce site and at some exclusive retail partners.

The first collection of luxury timepieces #YOURTIME has been purposely designed by Italians and crafted by Swiss to meet the need of the self-made people and is based on a 24 hours dial.

Entrepreneurs want to seize the day no matter what and a 24 hours dial allows them taking their time and enjoying every moment of the day. Having the entire day at a glance also helps better planning and organizing events – perfect for a busy person or someone who wants to live life to the fullest. This is the reason why #YOURTIME is a 24 hour watch. The dial shows the
anti-meridian (am) hours on the left hand side and the post-meridian
(pm) hours on the right hand side. The zenith for the sun is reached at
12:00 and is at the top of the dial as indicated by the applied silver
sun icon.

Todd & Marlon have chosen a very peculiar and uncommon design. Most of the commercially available 24 hour wristwatches, in fact, are based on a 0-23 or 1-24 numbering system and do not show all numbers (they mix numbers and marks). On the other hand Todd & Marlon watches are based on the Double-XII system and all hours are clearly indicated (as well as minutes and seconds in the secondary numbering system).

#YOURTIME watches offer all the benefits of a 24 hour watch and at the same time they still have a close reference to the way people talk about timing while clearly indicating the time. Most people still refer to time on a 12 hour scale making reference to AM vs PM or morning vs evening. Only in few places or few people refer, for example, to 19:00 when talking – the major part of people would rather say 7pm or 7 in the evening. In other words #YOURTIME watches talk the language of the bulk of people while offering them the benefit of a 24 hour watch. On top, the clearly indicated hours and minutes/seconds can facilitate the move from a 12 hour based system to the 24 hour system.

#YOURTIME has been carefully crafted for the entrepreneurs. In order to meet the entrepreneurs need, Todd & Marlon have selected a Swiss Made movement because of the quality and Quartz for its reliability and accuracy. This specific caliber is made of hundreds of parts (including 1 jewel) and it has been customized to fit the specific 24 hour dial of #YOURTIME watch.

Seizing the day might take many different angles and a robust and solid watch is paramount. #YOURTIME is the perfect timeless companion for every venture. Fiery and intense the first Todd & Marlon timepiece showcases Italian Design and Swiss Precision.

The bracelet and case of #YOURTIME watch features Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) coating for achieving a super resistant black matte finish. The timepiece comes fitted with sapphire crystal front glass and it is also 10atm (100m) water-resistant.

Handsomely crafted #YOURTIME iconic shape has been designed to suit sport, casual and business situations. The 38mm case has a sophisticated and elegant silhouette yet it is boldly shaped to resist extreme activities. The dial is made of two layers brushed in different contrasting directions to underline the difference between day and night hours as emphasized also by the sleek silver sun and moon icons applied at noon and midnight positions respectively. The custom made bracelet with DLC treatment subtly reminds the brand logo.

The #YOURTIME collection will be available in four colors combinations:-

  • COSMO: All Black
  • ABISSO: Black and Deep Blue
  • LAVA: Black and Fiery Red
  • ROSE: Black and Rose Pink

Each of these timepieces has its own name and specific character and the wearer can either choose one of them or get the four to use in different occasions in life.

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Technical details
Swiss Made Quartz Powertech Movement.
24H, minutes, seconds.

38 mm custom Stainless Steel case DLC treated – height approx. 10mm – fixed bezel and custom screw-down crown.
Glass: Sapphire Crystal.
Water Resistance: 10 atm / 100 m water resistant

Custom design DLC treated.

Two levels dial with circular brushing on top and horizontal brushing on lower level visible through two swirls opening culminating on applied silver sun/moon icons.

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