Lebeau-Courally Le Comte

Lebeau-Courally’s Le Comte is one of the rare timepieces that truly becomes part of life. In its core it carries and protects your personal story. The patented clef de fusil lever activates a complex mechanism to open the fond officier at the back of the watch. This reveals your fully bespoke engraving, carefully made stroke-by stroke by Lebeau-Courally’s master engravers in Liège, Belgium.

The heart of the Le Comte is the unique LC 651-24h calibre with open dial, patented big date with two rotating discs, second time zone and day/night indication. It is set in a 18-carat pink gold case. Le Comte is the epitome of character in a watch.

Lebeau-Courally welcomes a new icon to its family: Le Comte Tourbillon, an exceptional watch in every sense. Traditionally, every Le Comte stands out with original features such as the patented system for opening the back cover and the fully personalised engraving on the inside of the cover. Yet, this Le Comte Tourbillon hosts the heart of ultimate watchmaking excellence: the hand crafted tourbillon.

A technical masterpiece, the tourbillon currently represents the nec plus ultra of the perfect perpetual movement. The result is a timepiece made according to an aesthetic and symbolic concept as innovative as can be to enclose the most complex-ever mechanism of Haute Horlogerie. The tourbillon is a true mechanism within a mechanism, with its own spring and its own case, further guaranteeing the exclusive character, the tremendous attention to detail and at the same time the modern approach which the Lebeau-Courally brand brings to this top-of-the range model.

The most prominent feature remains of course the patented system to open the back cover. Based directly on Lebeau-Courally’s intriguing “clef de fusil” mechanism, a design statement referring to the bespoke manufacture of shotguns, this takes the form of a lever at the side of the watch body.

When operated, it reveals a double bottom. This complex, delicate mechanism demonstrates all the precision, care and know-how of the Lebeau-Courally brand. The uniquely inventive concept is the ultimate watchmaking homage to the shotguns that are crafted with the utmost concern for tradition and excellence.

Lebeau-Courally also invites its customers to participate in the creation of their own timepiece by including a personalised engraving on the inside of the cover, making the Le Comte watch even more unique, a veritable work of art which is as exceptional as it is personal. With this participative and creative approach, the specific Lebeau-Courally know-how naturally comes to the fore by employing the craft procedures normally used for decorating shotguns. The company’s master engravers, among the best in the world, put all their talent into producing the personalised engraving designed entirely to meet the individual customer’s own ideas and aesthetic tastes. For Lebeau-Courally this is yet another way of reaffirming the very close links between watchmaking and the artistic crafts in their deepest tradition.

The Le Comte watch has rightly earned a full place among the truly exceptional timepieces, in a further demonstration of the dynamism and innovative qualities of this Belgian brand.

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